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  1. Ok,

    So here I go. My hydro grow journal from start to finish.

    My journal will cover everything from my initial purchases, to the building of my grow room/box, growing, drying, curing, and everything else in between.

    Lets begin...

    I want to start with my purchases:

    Lighting Hardware: 332.00
    -hydrofarm daystar ac hood
    67.00 (ebay)

    -xtrasun 1000w ballast
    67.00 (ebay)

    -hortilux 1000w HPS enhanced bulb
    67.00 (ebay)

    -fantech 392 CFM fan
    100.00 (ebay)

    -sunleaves flexi-hanger for hood
    free (ebay)

    shipping = 30.00

    Hydroponic system: 100.05 including tax
    -4x dutch leach trays = 15.00 each
    60.00 (foothill hydroponics)

    -18 gallon container
    6.00 (WalMart)

    -14ft 1/2in blue tubing = 0.40 per foot
    5.60 (foothill hydroponics)

    -3x Garden Hose Y splitters = 3.95 each
    11.85 (foothill hydroponics)

    -5x hose adapters/reducer = 1.59 each
    7.95 (foothill hydroponics)

    -1x Maxi-jet 900 water pump
    39.95 (foothill hydroponics) *they never charged me for this

    Meter/Electronics: 54.13 including tax

    -1x Bluelab EC/CF/PPM meter
    116.00 (Foothill Hydroponics)

    -1x Hydrometer - temp(in/out)/humidity
    20.00 (Advanced Hydroponics and Garden)

    -1x intermatic hb88rc digital programmable timer
    30.00 (Home Depot)

    -1x Sunleaves measuring shotglass
    4.00 (Foothill Hydroponic)

    Grow medium: 72.08 including tax
    -20x Grodan hugo blocks / rock wool = 3.33 each
    66.60 (Advanced Hydroponics and Garden)

    Nutrients & Supplements: 113.66 including tax
    -Foxfarm GrowBig Hydroponic
    13.00 (Advanced Hydroponics and Garden)

    -Foxfarm BigBloom
    13.00 (Advanced Hydroponics and Garden)

    -Foxfarm Tigerbloom
    13.00 (Advanced Hydroponics and Garden)

    -Foxfarm Open Sesame
    22.00 (All Seasons Hydroponics)

    -Foxfarm Beastie Blooms
    22.00 (All Seasons Hydroponics)

    -Foxfarm Cha Ching
    22.00 (All Seasons Hydroponics)

    Growbox buildout: 128.00 P.S. All of my ducting and related materials are 6in
    -11x 2x4 lumber

    -2x 4x8 drywall

    -Mylar 50ft

    -aluminum duct 25ft

    -Y duct

    -exhaust hole

    -ducting metal brackets

    -plastic covering

    -drywall screws

    metal tape

    Stapler and staples
    (who doesnt already own a stapler?)

    Total thus far = 917.00 including tax and all other expenses
  2. $657.51 is a lot of money but if you do it right you will get ur money plus some back off your first grow :)

    looking forward to see this grow get going :) pullin up a chair here lol
  3. Yeah, I'm hoping this little project pays for itself. I still have the actual grow box to build and need a couple of other supplies like a ph/EC combo meter and a C02 tank with regulator.

    Pricing wise I've found this:

    Bluelab Combo meter pH/EC/TDS = $249.95
    C02 regulator = 159.00
    C02 20lbs tank = 50.00 used/certified

    I also need a couple of fans, some drywall, 2x4, and some aluminum ducting. I'm not sure how hot it's going to get but I have factored in tapping into my air conditioning and or a window air conditioner.

    In the end I will have spend more then a 1000 bucks, but... I'll make that back painlessly.
  4. The clones have been clipped.

    My partner and I are growing out 15 bubba kush clones and 6 unknowns/bagseed which looked pretty good as mothers. These clones are currently under his t5 lighting surrounded by the mothers

    For the clones we used:

    1x razor blade
    1x hydrogen peroxide to clean the razor blade
    1x Olivia's Cloning Gel
    1x dome
    21 grodan mini cubes

    These are healthy clones. We plan to let these veg for 3-4 weeks maybe longer. Eventually they'll be moved to my setup to to finish up veg and flowering. This will also give us ample time to keep both our gardens perpetual with basically unlimited amounts of clones.

    Here are the pics. These clones haven't actually rooted yet, but they're looking good in my opinion. Let me know what everyone thinks.

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  5. Just to give people an idea of what these clones will turn into, I have included pics of clones from the same mothers in day 28 of flowering. These are all my friends plants.

    He's using a 400w HPS hand water ebb and flow and I must say, his plants have really inspired me.

    I thinks his plants look great, it would be interesting to see what other people thought.

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  6. clones looking great

    keep us posted
  7. Great looking clones! and also the mother plants that they will hopefully turn out to be ;)

    Not to be nosey or try to get u in trouble but where abouts do you live? the states?

    good luck on getting your setup together then after that its all cake work :)
  8. I'm 374 miles away from you :) but I'm not saying in what direction.

    *(considering your myspace location is correct.)
  9. lol thats not me ;) forgot i put that guys myspace on there ;)

    so you live in the states i take it :)
  10. hello case. all is looking well with all your clones...and seems like you have everything taken care of for a sucessful grow...
    650 bucks is pretty cheap when you think about it, for that price to get everything bar consumables (nutes rockwool etc) is pretty damn good if it keep you in green for years to come :D . hell i spent that just on a chiller.

    anyways how many plants will you be running in each grow space? and this will be like a flood and drain or drip system with table and res?. maybe youve mentioned allready and im wasted :smoking: .

    good luck and stay safe.

    EDIT: if i could make a suggestion here case. have you looked into bubbler cloners. since you will be taking constant clones all the time, thats alot of R/wool , bubbler clonings so easy it stupid, get a black/dark container with a lid,drill holes in lid. add a air pump/stone and fill with tap water so roots are about 1inch under=roots in 5-7 days, this would save you $$ everytime you clone, you can build a cheap cloner for under 15-25 bucks and it lasts years, just a thought
  11. Yeah I think im doing pretty good price wise. I spent another 150 today, mostly on the bluelab EC meter. My buddy has a ph meter but no EC meter so we're sharing each others tools which works out great. I'm looking to cut off my spending at about another 100 bucks, which is way over estimating for my closet box which will simply be 2x4s and drywall.

    The space itself is going to be 4x5 ft. The plan is to put 5 huge blocks in each tray for a total of 20 plants and 4 trays. We're going with flood and drain. I'm kinda clueless on the irrigation cycles, probably start a post inquiring about here soon.

    We do want a better home for the clones. The thing were using now serves it purpose but its a little more "manual" then we'd like. One of the cool things about the rockwool cubes is that they plug right into the hugo blocks. Would the bubble cloner support cubes? I suppose it could be built to... then again I wouldn't be saving any money...

    I might as well mention... The EC meter works great. Very simple to use and understand. Secondly all of our clones have taken root. My only obsticle at this point is building the grow box. My closet is almost completely cleaned up... I can hardly wait.
  12. The build out of the grow box has begun. I have added the cost of the additional purchases to my top thread for those who are wondering about price. These items include lumber, drywall, and mylar. I have also estimated the cost of items my friend had left over from his grow and included these items on the price... we gotta break even right?

    So I went with what I'm considering the cheap solution. Lumber and drywall. My purchases include 2 slabs of dry wall, and 11 2x4 pieces of cheap wood.

    Note: FUCK HOME DEPOT... These assholes wouldn't allow us to cut the drywall into 4x4 slabs in there store. This means I had no way of fitting it into a car. LOWES on the other hand allowed us to use their T and cut the drywall. We all had them cut 4 pieces of 2x4 in half. I will admit that the goober at Lowes cut my 2x4's wrong the first time and I had to return the first wood... but thats human error not store policy.

    I'm using a 4Wx4Lx8H space. I don't know a goddamn thing about building with wood or drywall. Lucky for me my friend was able to provide his experience and we were also able to borrow all the tools we needed.

    Since this was going into the closet we decided to use the back wall. And since we need to access the front of the box this meant we were only responsible for building 2 sides. Me and my friend probably went over the design 25 times before we were positive about how we were going to do it. I've never used a measuring tape so much in my life. It was actually a great experience because I learned a lot.

    I'm not going to try and explain how we built it because a lot of it came to us while building. Once the box was built we plastic wrapped it, and as you can see we started putting the mylar up. What you see in the pictures below is where we stopped and decided to finish the rest later. I'm hoping within the next 12 hours to have everything up.

    If anyone has questions please feel free to ask.

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