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my hurtbag friends

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by topgun055, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. ok so this story dose not rlly have to do with weed but last night i was at my buddys house and then he says to me "wanna fucking scrap" and im like why then he says cause your fucked so at this point im getting pretty mad so i say "fuck you lets take this outside" so we go outside and this other guy come over and wants to scarp me so now its 2 on 1 so im fighting them and get 1 pretty good punch to the face on one of them and then he backs down then the other one is still in here trying to fight me and he goes for a kick to the side and right when it connects to my side i connected a punch to the kids temple and broke his glasses and sliced his face open and after that hes screaming at me telling me im fucked when they tryed to gang up on me what do you guys think am i fucked or is it all on them
  2. Oh my god. Who the hell cares?
  3. If they keep being pussies about it punch them in the face again
  4. this thread even?
  5. Why would you and your buddy "scrap"?
    Doesn't sound too buddy like to me.
  6. Troll Maybe ? Idk kinda hope it is a troll
  7. Kill yas all
  8. w...t...f...
  9. LOL the fuck is going on right now?.....:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  10. wtf if he wanted to scrap then he wasnt your buddy lol and kudos for you for winning lol... and you shouldve kept on beating his ass for tryna jump you.
  11. What's a hurtbag?
  12. ...........................yep youre fucked, id enter the governments witness protection program . Erase your current life and start and new one traveling through Mexico though the Central Americas and bottom out somewhere in South America selling drugs and stealing cars.
  13. cool story bro....wrong section..

    but dont worry, the mods wont do anything about it...
  14. looks like you need to find some new friends. friends that arent "hurtbags."

  15. You and your "friends" are some fucking pussies. Scrap me all three of you ill kill you then your fucked
  16. "hurtbag" - polite form of dirtbag

    Above definition based on: The Webster Dictionary of Crafty Insults
  17. I dont even know what i read
  18. This is what happens, when people venture off from weed to other drugs.
  19. uhhhh.....wut.

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