My House was RAIDED by the SWAT TEAM!

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  1. Well, I wanted to recount this horror story to let you all know what to expect if you're ever raided. Thank GOD I was on vacation the week it happened and not home. Here's the story I got from my neighbors though.

    At 5:16 am on a Tuesday morning, two SWAT teams simultaneously raided my house and my neighbor (3 doors down). They got both of us because my neighbor is an infamous cocaine smuggler from the '70s (he's right up there with George Jung, the character played by Johnny Depp in Blow). Anyway, I was raided because they saw me going in and out of his house and him coming in my house on numerous times.

    Here's the routine: They broke down our front doors with a battering ram and threw a "sound grenade" into the living rooms. This lovely device is about 100 million times louder than the most obnoxious alarm clock. Remember this is at 5 am! Well, as luck would have it neither me nor my neighbor were home. But my poor sweet cat would have been sleeping up on the corner of my bed. So she must have been scared outta her wits. The cops never saw her, so I'm sure she hid like a motherfucker.

    After the sound bomb, they rushed the house and went through EVERYTHING, I mean everything. My box of DILDOS was spread out on the bed! Thank fucking god I wasn't home for that fun. I would have told them where the weed was just to avoid the embarrassment.

    Now, my neighbor was really who they were after because he's a big name in the drug business. I think they realized I was only a recreational user and in fact I've never done coke in my life, I only bought weed from this guy. They found in my house rolling papers, seeds in the trash and a little container of res. However, they didn't find my bag of weed, bukket bong, plastic bong, pipe, or HD lights in the basement for growing.

    Apparently some of the officers were extremely allergic to my cat and couldn't do their job as well. And wouldn't ya know, my cat's window seat is less than a foot from where my stash and paraphenalia is kept. And to think I ALMOST vacuumed the house before I left for vacation!

    They also didn't find anything in my neighbors house except a hand-crafted aluminum foil pipe that he smokes crack from. See, he'd been raided before and they confiscated a pipe and fined him. So now he makes homemade pipes but then doesn't destroy them!

    I was VERY fortunate not to have gotten any charges against me since they only found circumstantial evidence. I think they tried to get into my computer too, but it's password protected. Good thing, because I have a PDF file on how to grow your own weed! It could have been worse though, because in my state any amount of weed is fined up to $1000 and a year in jail. So what did I do that night when I got home from vacation and finished cleaning up the door debris? I lit up a bowl of course :)

    Take care, and be careful guys!
  2. dam 1000 and year... what sate r u from?
  3. ha awesome story. FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!
  4. Smoke another bowl for me!
  5. Fuck that shit, how did they get a warrant if you just went in his house. Fuck I would take that shit to court.
  6. Another cat saves the day....bless their little furry souls :D
  7. I didn't make myself clear about the fines for being caught with any amount of pot. It's not BOTH $1000 and 1 yr. in jail, it's one or the other or maybe a little of each. For me, I'd probably only be fined and have to go to Drug rehab since I've never been in trouble before and I'm employeed.

    Fortunately, the detective gave me a break and just left the court order and his list of what he found. And he left the stuff behind! The container with the res was on my desk. Maybe because he thought the container was special. It's very ornate ceramic with a delicate painting on it. Who knows. But I thought I couldn't be in trouble if he left it there. Actually, I think he took the rolling papers though.

    I'd rather not say what state I'm in, for obvious reasons. I'm so paranoid now, I hope the cops don't monitor these kind of websites.
  9. god, that suks get so vilolated over someting so to keep working to LEGALIZE IT!
  10. fuck this war on drugs, fucking fascist cops and greedy politicians
  11. Thanks for all the sympathy everyone. I really needed to get this incident off my chest and didn't have anyone to tell. I haven't spoken to the other guy and his girlfriend (the other house raided). I'm trying to keep a low profile for awhile. They've already moved out and back into her house. And their landlord ended their lease so they won't be back, which is good because I don't need to be hanging out with "high profile" people. I like smoking weed but I've always been the type who believes in partying quietly, not drawing attention to oneself. Why bait the cops?

    The other thing is about the warrant and what right they had to raid me. I just assumed they were watching my neighbor since he's a renowned drug dealer, but maybe they got me for some other reason. The detective left his card on my door but I never called him. Like what the hell would I say? "Oh hi Officer, so I see ya found my box of sex toys, kinda kinky, huh?" It's just too embarrassing. I'm dying to know what right they have to just break into someone's house who has never ever been arrested yet alone CONVICTED of ANYTHING. And this is the United States of AMERICA? Maybe I should get the nerve to call him and not be embarrassed about the toys. They also found my John Holmes (big dick pornography star) video. I'm sure they've seen worse, LOL.

    The detective left an affadavit signed by a judge listing everything they could search. The list had stuff like: 1) Marijuana and paraphanalia 2) paperwork or bills/receipts having to do with the sale of drugs 3) my computer 4) my checkbook etc. It was very specific. He also left the ticket citing what they did find which was only the rolling papers, seeds and res. I guess he woulda felt kinda bad if he hadn't found anything after destroying my fucking house. I always keep my basement-to-kitchen door locked so of course they took a sledgehammer to that so they could search the basement. And the front plaster on the wall next to the front door is crumbling and the front door will need to be replaced soon because the lock isn't working now.

  12. warrant? they don't need a warrant and if you take it to court you'll be raided on a weekly basis or in the most absurd situation thrown in to jail. the police force doesn't aplogise for nothing. FUCK THE POLICE, BLOW THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. that sucks so bad, i hope it never happens to me
  14. so they arent paying for your door they smashed??? did you get a call or did you just come home to find everything all fucked up?

    dickheads :(
  15. "so they arent paying for your door they smashed??? did you get a call or did you just come home to find everything all fucked up?" --bottomdog

    Bottomdog, I never called the cop back but something tells me he would laugh if I even suggested they pay for the damage. They did find evidence which is enough for them to raid me I guess.

    I left for vacation two days before the raid and didn't tell my neighbors (including the drug dealer) that I was going because I didn't want him or his girlfriend offering to feed my cat which would mean they'd be in my house without me there. I don't trust them. I also didn't ask any family members to feed the cat thank god because they would have called my parents and let them know. Fortunately my cat is ok by herself for up to a week with enough food & water. I came home that Saturday and knew something was wrong when I saw my outside light on which I never turn on. Then of course when I tried the key, the door was fucked up.

    So nobody knows except all the neighbors. They had a real spectacle. The sound grenade rocked them all outta their beds! My closest neighbor said she thought I was being shot.

    It's ironic that the very people the cops wanted to scare weren't even home but all the neighbors got terrorized instead.

  16. hahaha, every time someone says this I see jay, bob and the monley sitting in the utah dinner and jay says "Fuck the police, fuck-fuck the po-lice" and out side you here "This is the utah state police, jay and bob we know youre inthere come out with your hands up" and they're lookin all scared and shit.. makes me laugh every time.. sorry I'm drunk so I'm rambling... my bad :)
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    LOL!!! *Cops formed up around the door.*
    Cop 1 - "Team Two in position..."
    Cop 2 - "You're a go."
    Cop 1 - "Flash and clear!" *BATTERING RAM* *BANG!*
    Cop 3 - "WTF! Where is she!?!" "WTF DILDOS!!!" "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE WEED!!!?!!?"
    All the Cops - "mmm... big dick porn.... CAT HAIR!!!!!! GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!! SHIIIIIT!!!"

    *rauccous sneezing had by all*

    Cop 1 - "Umm... yeah.... Just grab those papers and lets get out of here."
    *SWAT team walk of shame ensues*

    *edit* SHIT! I was 5 years too late with that! Oh well, I think that shit was funny...
  18. Complain about the Judge that the signed off on the warrant. Thi is not really the cops fault, it is with some lame as judge that just signs off on shit. That is the fucker you shoud be pissed at. The cops are just doing the work for the judge on warrants.
  19. This thread is 5 years use responding, brass.
  20. Holy fuck this thread is OLD

    I was still in highschool when this thread came out.

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