My house stinks of weed all day

Discussion in 'General' started by POWskier, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Everyone in my house smokes weed. We don't sit on our asses and burn bowls all day since we have work and school to go to. All together many bowls and blunts are smoked through out the day. When ever I walk into the house it reeks of weed.

    Even when I think it doesn't stink. A non smoker thinks it stinks of weeds and my parents call me out every time they stop by and I think it smells normal.

    Occasionally I will smoke 3-4 blunts in the bathroom and jungle box. After I am done the weed is released out a window and there is usually a large plume of smoke that billows down the street and my neighbors get angry and complain about the weed smell. 
    Is my house fucked with the weed smell? Also my neighbors are fuckers and they annoy me every time they smell something. I started to smoke inside since they are complete dicks when I smoke a J on my porch.  
  2. Is it your house?
  3. Unless it's legal where you live, I'd be thinking real serious about other living arrangements.
  4. do you have a bathroom with a fan? or one in the kitchen? your best bet would be to smoke only by the fans.
    if the smell isn't from like recently smoking, then it would most likely be your furniture or like fabric stuff, carpeting. There are ways of fixing that but if you just want a quick fix get like air freshener and if you have carpet get the powder that you vacuum up. Whether that is what had the smell or not it should be enough to make it not smell like weed.
  5. Cops arent gonna bother ya
  6. Get a pair of Goats and keep them inside as house pets.
    nobody will even notice weed smell.
  7. Designated room is the way to go, then only people that know what the rooms for use it and you don't have to stress all the time about leaving stuff out. Just keep the door closed and the window slightly cracked.
    Its legal but there are 2 neighbors that always complain about it. Maybe I should just start smoking more blunts on the deck again :smoking:. Maybe that way the police will actually get annoyed by their complaint phone calls for once and actually get them to mind their own lives. 
    I have had the police called 4 times over 3 months. 4 times too many, its getting god damn annoying. 
  9. I smoke in my house literally all day, but it's only bowl hits... I do nothing to hide the smell and no one notices a thing.
    I think it's because you're smoking blunts. I wouldn't recommend changing that, though.
    Like other people said, try designating a smoking room. Plus it evolves into a cool place to chill anyway.
  10. I gave some great advice to a fellow blade a while back who had the same problem and wanted to hide the weed smell.

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  11. yo just remember fuck the cops never say shit snitches suck dick too
    Go over their house and complain about something they do.  I did that to my neighbor who came over last summer to complain that I don't cut my grass enough.  I told him that he is welcomed to to cut it himself. He suggested that I get a company to do it weekly so that the block looks nice for resell value.
    I like a longer grass because I like to go barefoot.  That mofo has grass about one inch long and its brown by early summer, my shit stays green unless there is prolonged drought.
    I went over and told him one day that his garbage cans were left in the street and started giggling at him.  He got red in the face and grabbed his garbage cans and went in his house.  Haven't heard shit since.
  13. Lol u trolled him IRL

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