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My house is being exterminated, weed stash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Keith McKief, May 11, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I have lots and lot of termites in my house, and my parents are going to hire an exterminator. Is it safe to keep my weed stash where it is? Or should I hide it somewhere else?

    I'm thinking about it because:
    A.) The weed could get contaminated by poison.
    B.) It could get found by someone when they're exterminating.
  2. no take it out are you dumb, like honestly what are you like 12
  3. Honestly man, you really think you should keep your weed in the house with all the toxins and other people going in every room???
  4. If what you guys say is true, next to nothing would be safe in your house after spraying. If it's actually within a physical, solid container it should be fine. I wouldn't leave it there anyway, to be safe, but I doubt anything would happen.
  5. He doesn't know the intricacies of termite extermination obviously.. so he started this thread, be a little more constructive and a little less critical please..

    Anyways, Jester's right, don't leave your shit to get covered in poisons that can seriously affect your health (possibly even kill you).
  6. I have a question, if this stuff is really that dangerous. What do they do with your food?? Like a box of spaghetti isn't exactly toxin-proof against smokes that permeate every space of air in your house.

    Eitherway best bet is around the time they'll be there move your stash and spoon onto a hidden area outside of your living space. Or double bag your stash then place in a mason jar and seal tight, really tight, like eighteen year old tight, mason jars should protect it. Just remember, once your house is full, unless you have a gas mask, getting your stash back will be impossible.
  7. i'd be worried about the poisons.

    not necessarily them finding it.

    if they have that much of a problem with it in your house then they can gtfo.

  8. the people living there are told to remove food or put it in the fridge/freezer where it's least here they do that.

    store it in the freezer (use a small tupperware type container)
  9. What king of poison are they using because if they use orange oil your shit will
    Be cool

  10. They just give you airtight bags to put everything in. Or like heavyduty plastic bags (the one you can suffocate in) and you staple them close. Something of that nature i believe.
  11. Is your house getting bug-bombed, or have ur parents just been talking about hiring an exterminator? Because usually when theyre dealing with insects and shit theyll just spray around the perimeter of your home. If its a bug bomb ur fucked tho, those bitches are durrrty. But if u have a shed or somewhere u can hide it, i would suggest hiding it elsewhere. I personally wouldnt take the risk when it would be so damn easy to just avoid the potential risk overall.
  12. I just got off the phone with common sense and he said to take yo weed stash out the house before exterminaters poison that shit.
  13. seriously tho, this is common sense unless you wanna die
  14. Just leave all your bud in a mason jar or in a airtight plastic baggie, and put that in a place where it won't get sprayed. Simple as that.
  15. It would only be safe if it was in a jar or a very good sealed baggy.

  16. keep it in, then sell it. people will get really ripped haha:smoke:
  17. shove in ass for secure storage location

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