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My Horriable Photography.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by YougonnaHit, May 26, 2009.

  1. Well Guys, Here is my attempt at photography. Its terrible but hey at least i tried.
  2. You just need a better camera/lens. And a better English teacher ;)
  3. I really really can care less about the English language.
  4. cute bong. if its a digital camera it probably has a macro setting which would help make those close up shots a lot better. if you cant get a picture to at least be focused well, then dont bother taking it. im not trying to be rude, im just saying, if your camera cant handle close ups then back that camera up and rework the picture. dont be so hard on yourself, if you really want to take cool pictures then just work at it. ;) good luck :D
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    Hey there buddy.
    I think your pictures will come out great if you use different light sources other than the flash on your camera. Try buying 2 or 3 small sized lamps and direct them to the object you desire. Also try playing around with shadows, maybe with different coloured light bulbs? Its up to you BUD. Have fun and take alot of pictures.
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