My homie loves to overstay his welcome!

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    I got a homeboy that got kicked out by his wife and now lives out of his car. He calls me everyday to kick it or use the computer for job applications.

    I'm like cool, okay homie come through. This is like everyday. But in the end he just wont leave. He just stays there on the comp all day on myspace or something.

    Its rather annoying. He's my boy and all and we have gone through hell and back concerning the other gangstaz in the area. He's got my back and I got his. Its like he's using me to have something to do all day sense he has nothing else to do all day sense he has no car or job. He's always trying to come over or spend the night. He's also always blowing up my house phone and using it to no avail.

    How do I tell my homeboy to limit his shit? It's cool and all but what do I say to tell him to shut the fuck up and dont bother me so much?

    We are best boyz so I don't know how to tell him. :mad:

    EDIT: If you have a similar story I would love to hear it!
  2. I don't know but I'm in the same boat, so I'll stick around for some advice if you don't mind. :smoking:
  3. Maybe just straight up tell him? After all if hes really your best friend he'll understand.
  4. Do other people live at your house? I had a friend do the same thing, I told him my parents were getting annoyed with having people over all the time and that he couldnt' come around as often.

  5. Cool, whats your situation?

    And to the other dude, if I tell him tat he will start being all butt-hurt lol I want to do this without him being butthurt.

  6. Yes actually, my entire family lives there. Which gives me an excuse to kick him out half the time. If it wasnt for them he'd probably try and staythere 24/7 or live there lol.

    I try and tell him sometimes but he says I'm all he has to help him...
  7. I've been in a couple of similar situations. They weren't homeless really, but jobless and not trying to get one. Both times. Blowing up my phone, trying to stay for days and days on end. I eventually just cut them out. I have my own place so I don't have to have a roommate.
  8. Help him find a job?

  9. Hmm thats true...I can say I have my own room so I dont have to share it with anyone and thats why I have my own room.

    Good advice :)

    Capslockbandit- I do, I let him use my computer for job applications. Its just I don't want to let him anymore because he won't leave after he is done. I dont mind helping anyone out like that but you have to leave when your done unless I say otherwise :(
  10. What is bad is when they just start showing up out of the blue, usually on a damn work night or something.
  11. These friends always want to chill at my place, never theirs. When I say never I mean never, plus they get like a bad girlfriend and get all clingy and shit. Its like damn don't come over for maybe 1 day? Shit. :bongin: but now they're kinda payin me back so its okay.
  12. Tell him to go back home. His wife can't just kick him out.

  13. Yeah she can, it was under her name and she payed everything while he was looking for a job. Also she got a new boyfriend.

    I'm sure he cant go back lol.

  14. Hopefully one day he will start paying me back ._.
  15. You should maybe use some positive distraction ideas to curb his attachment?

    Maybe if he asks to come over and look for a job or something say 'yeah man for sure but afterwards we'll go down the street and chill' or something, then just take him back to his car or something you know?

  16. Unfortunately I always have to do that. Than when we are done doing whatever or whatnot he says.

    "Can we head back to your house so we can fill out some applications?"

    I usually say no but daaaammm :/

  17. im sorry for your homeboy, but that made me laugh. I have a friend that likes to come over my house alot too. Its even worse because he lives pretty close. He doesnt even ask sometime, just walk the same way talking with me and goes in. Idk what to do, i need my down time after a long day
  18. Definetly sounds like one of the dudes I knew a long time ago. It sounds like he is trying to leech on so he doesn't really have to do shit. I don't know for sure if this is the case, just kind of sounds like one of the dudes I knew. Basically he will either have to sink or swim. Maybe drive him around to fill out applications instead of just online. Or you said he has a car? He can drive around. Applying online seems like an excuse obviously. Sure, fill out some online, but fill some out on foot to. At least that's how most people do it.
  19. So how did you guys^ deal with them? Or do they still come over till this day?
  20. Well, I've moved a couple of times. Not to get away but for other reasons. That works. But I don't know your situation and picking up and moving would be pretty extreme to avoid someone. Maybe you could just start acting to busy or something most of the time.

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