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Discussion in 'General' started by smokeyaka47, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. hay every one it has been a realy ruf night to night for me and my girl fraind are best fraind just got killed to night while he was snowmobilling he is gone but never for gottin hay if every one would light one up for him thanks and he allso yous to post on hear to and soprry for bad spelling peace and thanks
  2. I'd smoke one for him if I had any...

    I'm really sorry to hear about that, and I'm sorry I'm not good at comforting people...
  3. thanks i a presat it kinda hard but i gess its life but thanks guys
  4. Sorry to hear. I'll smoke a few for him..
  5. thanks guys i gess im going for now to get some rest peace but thanks guys the way i look at it is it was his time to reay be free peace and good night or goood moring pace
  6. Damn man that sucks sorry to hear that.. I'll smoke a big fat

    ass blunt for him.. Later.. :smoke: :D
  7. thanks guys to day was the harddest time i ever had i think i dident wont to get out of bed be cuse i miss him so much but i gess if youve been frainds for a long time and than thay die its hard to deal with but i do thank all you guys bye and im realy sorry for the bad spelling bye
  8. man..sorry bout that...

    i'd smoke some for him if I had some..gladly :/
  9. im sorry about your friend losin a close one...

    i'll spark up a blunt for him today.
  10. I'm so sorry, Smokeyaka! Life takes away your friends when you least expect it. I'm sending some good karma towards your way and towards the way of his family. This is going to be a hard one to handle for everyone involved.

    I'm still on a break but I have a huge group of friends coming over later and we're going to grill out. I'll have them all smoke bowls in your friends honor.

    (I read that he used to post on you remember his user name?)
  11. wish i had somethin to burn in memory man
    DRY :(
  12. no dont remaber what his name was but i can find out ant than ill get back to you guy and thanks very much agen and sorry for bad spelling
  13. sending kind thoughts and karma your way from my side :)
  14. im sorry about that.... i lost a friend about a year ago also... sucks dick.... im so sorry..... i will light a fatty blunt in his honor
  15. gotta love the Big Guy in the sky at times like this eh..

    sorry to hear it man, best thing u can do is move on
  16. yah im doing alittel better now we yous to race snomobiels to gather and he was a dam good rider and than just playing around and he gets killed sounded fun to me but thay say it was his falt but i gess life gose on but thanks every one and sorry for bad spelling

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