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My Homemade Wooden Pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Xbox360Chicken, May 28, 2010.

  1. #1 Xbox360Chicken, May 28, 2010
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    Hello All, Just wanted to say a friendly "high" to everyone here whose stoned enough to laugh at my lame pun, any hooter, beings the site would not load my last post in the intro section I thought I would do it here, so hi.

    Now down to business, I am not only a newbie to this forum, but to the "herb" as well, and so far, well I just do not know how I made it threw high school without every trying it! "This stuff is THE BEES KNEES!" lol

    I have just tried my hand at carving a homemade pipe from some crappy pressure treated wood leftover from a deck I built, please note I have no prior experience in carving, so please no laughs, lol I am almost finished now just have to finish the bowl and some minor sanding work, please let me know what you guys think so far. as I am very proud of it lol :)

    Here are some pix for you,- I have not used any stain yet (not sure if I will) only some Canola Oil, I think it adds a nice sheen and nice rustic color.

    Here she is

    And another view-Please try to ignore the nasty dirty fingernails, lol I was working

    Top View-

    And finally my "Work station" lol notice the eclectic cluttering of broken Xbox 360's :p

  2. it looks good so far but maybe add a carb on the side of the bowl. Wood pipes are a little harsh at first, but once broken in, they work well, but don't put stain inside of the bowl. Overall, looks GREAT
  3. Oh yeah, a carb would be an excellent idea! thank you,
  4. Pretty fucking sick! I've always wanted a wooden piece let alone one I made my self! You should definitely add a carb if possible.
  5. #5 OCMS, May 28, 2010
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    How bout sticking a screen in that bad boy, so you're not inhaling the actual weed?! Nice pipe btw!
  6. Is this your first pipe???
    You really good with your hands. Throw a carb on that bowl and you'll be ready to ripp!!! Make sure to update use on how it hit and everything
    +rep for the craft
  7. pressure treated wood? When I was little my parents told me not to burn that wood because it has like carcinogens and shit in it. So Idk my suggestion would be to not smoke that:cool:

  8. smoking treated would is very bad for you. its a sick ass pipe, but i honestly would just make another one out of some solid oak or something so youre not smoking all those chemicals.

    i mean its just cancer right?:devious:

    either way, it was a pretty cool pipe, good job.
  9. #9 Tyke, May 28, 2010
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    Yep, you need to throw that away pronto. The chemicals in PT wood are very toxic. Even non PT spruce or pine is bad. Soft woods like pine, and cedar burn very dirty. You want to start over using a hardwood like walnut, oak, or maple. A good source for a chunk of hardwood is a fruit tree if you can find one. Just make sure the wood is dead or let it dry and you're good to go. I made my first wood pipe out of an apple branch from our orchard.

    EDIT - don't stain or oil it. After you handle it for a while, it will develop it's own patina on the outside and once the inside of the bowl is well charred, it will smoke just fine. Just don't smoke too much at one time or the inside of the bowl will start to glow like a piece of charcoal.
  10. Great practice run, but not to be smoked! Throw it out and go out into the forest and find a good piece of hardwood to use. I can't imagine how bad the smoke would taste, not to mention what it would do to your body.
  11. PT wood looks SICK bro, unfortunately it is highly toxic, nice pipe nontheless, ++repp.
  12. Oh man, bad deal. I feel bad because you can't use it anymore. Consider it practice for when you start making those pipes and selling them professionally.
  13. nice job but....throw it away...get glass.
  14. LOL Sorry I can not believe I did not even think about it being pressure treated and the chemicals inside!, lol oh well I guess this will just be for looks and the feeling of accomplishment of making my first pipe, well, I am off to build another one!
    Thanks everyone!

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