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My homemade wooden pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DontBankonit, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I got bored today and got the idea of making my own pipe (I currently only own a bong which is nice but hard to travel with). I made it out of a chunk of wood and a hand saw, and an old belt sander in our basement.


    I am now trying to figure out what to finish it with that won't poison or kill me when I light it, guessing that normal varnish would not be good to smoke from. Any suggestions?

    * Yes the bowl is small right now I am working to enlarge it without chipping away too much wood.
  2. your gonna wanna heat seal the bowl before using it. basically heat it up with a lighter making sure not to burn the wood. after it gets black from the lighter wipe it of with a wet cloth and repeat. do this until the wood inside the bowl piece looks smoother and a lil shiny. doing this prevents you from getting burnt wood smoke in your lungs.
  3. this the kinda homade i respect. time and crafstmanship.
  4. Ok Thanks for the tips, can't wait to try this out. I was so happy that it turned out well a couple times i almost cracked the damn thing.

    Now just missing the most important part the herb :(
  5. +rep for craftsmanship - rep for no herb.
  6. well unfortunately the pipe cracked while i was working on enlarging the bowl, but I learned alot from making it so tomorrow ill make a better one.
  7. hahahhah dam man. be careful with your pieces. Theyre part of your life, at least mine are. lol

    But +Rep for being creative
  8. nice pipe. i made one in the beginning of the summer. used a scroll saw, drum sander. and a drill press to drill the the bowl. stashed it in my car. then i got my first glass piece.
  9. well i could get a glass piece at a headshop for $10 but, I'm tired of people strutting their glass pieces. I want something different and unique. Also this wont break when you drop it on the floor and its a lot lighter
  10. sounds like why it broke use a heavier wood. very nice piece tho +rep
  11. yeah i would use a hardwood if I were you. not just for strength, but it's much harder to light on fire.
    it will be harder to make though.
  12. Yah i just picked up a piece of wood and tried it, i did notice the wood was really soft, I have to go by the hardware store tomorrow any suggestions on a type of wood?
  13. I don't really know much about wood. Just try to dig your nail into the soft part of the grain to judge the hardness. Maybe you'll find some useful info skimming through this:

    Good luck, I'll probably be making a wooden pipe myself soon.
  14. i lol'd
  15. very nice man +rep

    i didnt heat seal mine and it is just fine its like the heat sealed it by itself lol
  16. you could try cherry for a bit of flavor, should not be to hard to find, maybe even at home depot
  17. Pipe 2.1 (pipe 2.0 was trashed :()




    Found some old hardwood in my basement and made a big difference while making this
  18. thats real fresh I'll probably make one this summer

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