My homemade glass bong

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  1. Hello fellow blades. I just finished creating my first homemade glass bong and I thought I'd share. It's made out of a mickey bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin and a popper piece I bought at my local corner store. It's completely air tight and it was only $23 for the gin, piece and drill bit I used to make it. It's one of the best bongs I've hit. What do you guys think?

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  2. That's pretty sweet man. If it were me I would've drilled a lot farther down but it's pretty awesome.

  3. Agreed... However it is a great start man! keep it up and improve it on the next one, who knows, you may be able to sell them as a functioning novelty to the college kids.
  4. I put it so high up on this one because the piece and the logo that I drilled into are roughly the same size and it looked good with the rest of the bottle but yeah on a future project I'm putting it lower.

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