My homemade BOngs... Diffused. Ashcatcher-Double arm diffy Tree perc-Ice CatchMILK!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by TheToyMaker, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. so heres a milk vid from awhile ago... it was my first time smoking in 3 montths EXPECIALLY HITTING A BONG!!!

    sooo heres a milky vid

    [ame=""]YouTube - the Homemade PERC bong! GREEN LANTERN[/ame]
  2. get a real bong, o yea they dont sell to 11 year olds
  3. Ohh ahha funny cuz i do have a real bong!

    this was awhile ago...
  4. Pix of real one
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    how rude. how do you know hes not of age? fucking prick. I dont see you posting videos or pictures.

    nice homemades!:hello:

    I like the "POOR" instead of roor. haha. youll have one someday!
  6. i know who you are ;). Welcome back.
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    thanks man... im soooo glad to be back..

    i originally came back for DT info.. and growing info...

    and mannnn bro... that ROor Diffy =( awww.... btw... Nessy is dead... =(
  8. i love making shit like that
  9. get the camera outta yo croch homeboy

  10. I would delete the part about him, you cud fuk him over...

    who is nessy?
  11. lol, that was hilarious, i didn't know what was going on for the whole second half of the video.

    But do you still have the diffuser and ashcatcher and stuff? it would be awsome to see you use them. THat's some crafty workmanship if they work.

    edit: nevermind, i get what the bong actually was.
  12. nice grabbing your crotch at 42 seconds LOL
    nice homemade bongs make vids hittin the others
  13. ahah. i still have em yeah...

    but my dad locked em up... i dont really care that much... i mean its not like it was my real glass.... but i did work really hard on the green one....

    ill post pix of my most recent one!
  14. Make sure to leave your crotch out of the next video. Thanks for scratching it in front of the camera.
  15. ya i was gonna point out you pinch scratching your scrotum on camera but 2 other people already did
  16. I was wondering who you were when you left me that message the other day.

    Now i have seen the poor again, i know all.
  17. Looks like it rips! You've inspired me to create my own.
  18. I was wondering when you'd be back again lol, but welcome back anyways and another nice homemade bong you got.
  19. Who is this guy? What was his old user name? Hes already banned again so I dont think it really matters at this point.
  20. if i remember correctly judging by the homemades he posted, the OP was formally known as citysmoker420. what did he do to get banned again?
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