My homeboy has smoked this much...

Discussion in 'General' started by youamlame, May 19, 2010.

  1. $14600 worth of cannabis in the last 3 years. :smoke:
  2. tell hiim to invest in something that will save him money;)
  3. woah, you know bill gates?!
  4. What's your point? That your buddy spends too much on weed when he could grow it and have smoked even more for a fraction of that price?
  5. [​IMG]

    awww, that much?

    this much.jpg
  6. WOW how much is it per g? 14k on bud, screw that...

    Doing the math for me, say $50 bucks a week on bud, 52 weeks in a year, thats 1,040. X3 no where close to 14k. HOW MUCH BUD DO U SMOKE SON?
  7. How'd you work that out? 50x52 = $2600.:laughing:
    Anyway yeah, your friend needs to start growing. :p
  8. Opps lol guess I plugged in the wrong number lol but stil, god dam thats a lot of bud in 3 years
  9. I think I stumbled upon a picture of your homeboy.


  10. That is fucking adorable and made me LOL! +rep

  11. :laughing: That kid looks like a poster child for inbreeding.
  12. I made a thread asking how much people believed they'd spent in their lifetimes so far

    a lot of people said a lot more than 14k although i doubt in only 3 years

    cool he kept track though if he accurately did
  13. I don't doubt it. I don't know about just bud but me and my friends did a couple estimations on all the drugs and shit and between three of us for two years it was 25K. It all depends on the circumstances, we each had jobs at different points, grant money, and all sorts of other shit. If you have nothing to really pay for it's quite easy to rack up a large tab.
  14. man I wish I had an estimate on how much Ive smoked my whole life, at least 10k+

    maybe even more :confused:
  15. The guy at my head shop said he smokes $10k worth a year. I don't know if he was stoned and lied to me or what but I had total drop jaw lol.
  16. 13$ a day for three years, so I guess that's roughly a gram a day buying at low weights. Pretty standard.
  17. i have probably spent that much if not more..

    since january 1st 2010 - till today i have spent 7,320.54 on weed

    i have virtually NO bills so my paychecks = straight dankness

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