my home sweet hood

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Trouble, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. I got a apartment to get away from my family The apartment is good but the hood is nuts I wake up every morning to see my next door neibor sellin his rock on the corner I just look arround out the window watching the gangs wage war on eachother I sit back smoke my weed and prepare for what might happen Grab my gun and head out to meet the hippy landlord to work off the rent walk out the door gang members step out the way I run my hood
  2. wow.. where are you located?
  3. better make way for trouble!.....Peace out....Sid
  4. i never lived in the ghetto of the city itself... but i've been down there pleanty of times. a couple of the places i have lived quite closely resemble it though. the crack dealers, the gangs, the fights, getting jumped... it's insane.
  5. It took a long time to train them but now they step aside or get hit I hit like a mack truck I dont feel much pain and I have abnormal endurance levels, I have made many enemies and I useto fight for cash then for respect now I will probally fight for my country But one day I will have no reason to fight anymore and then I dont know what I'll do for fun PEACE

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