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  1. Ummm wasn't really sure were to put this this... But this seems to be about the right place. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    So this is how I ghetto it up. Next I'ma see if I cant get a true glass on glass when I can get my hands on a torch a dremel. :smoking:

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  2. bro you got a slide and downstem why dont you just buy a cheap bong?
  3. Because what I made fore 15 bucks vs 50 bucks... Mine's MUCH higher quality and much cheaper.

    Been thinking about taping a carb into it... but ehh...
  4. definitely your thought is good as well your work is
    also good.
    actually what you want you made it
  5. its deffinatly not much higher quality thats for sure
  6. you should take the sobe label off...ittl look way more clean

  7. how well does it hit?

    btw..becareful don't cut/screw/torch yourself.. homemade stuff can be dangerous to make.
  8. Get out of my head i wanted to do that
  9. Ah... Yes.. It is MUCH higher quality then those cheep ass tiny gongs down here. They cost 50 bucks and are paper thin. I have tile floors and no safe places to store any crappy glass. Soby is nice a thick. It hits grate actually... works like the real thing. Yeah... It can be kinda dangerous to tap, burn, or other-wise work with glass.

    I want to take the Soby label off but i kinda like it being on because if you take the down stem out and just drop it inside the bottle it looks like just a Soby bottle chilling. It's rather low profile. Though I should probably clean it soon. :D

    I'm going to start glass blowing classes soon. I cant wait. :hello:

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