My home made mini monster bong

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  1. image.jpg

    This is my newly home made bong! It is airtight with a
    full on stem capable of pull out and insertion! The chamber
    Is also detachable to making filling and cleaning much
    Easier, airtight.

    The ball is glass!

    If you wanna know how it was made let me know below?
    Also what are your thoughts?
  2. And what should name it? Haha
  3. Usually not a fan of home made pieces but I can honestly say I would hit the shit out of that. Not bad at all dude. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. "Usually not a fan of home made pieces but I can honestly say I would hit the shit out of that. Not bad at all dude. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app"

    @[member="PCB SMOKER"]

    Thanks dude. Im a lil on the under paid side so i do what i can,
    Thanks for the compliment!
  5. Personally I wouldn't have out electrical tape near the bowl. The flame is gonna melt that shit and you'll end up inhaling it. Chances are you'd be fine but why risk it? Otherwise I'll give you props that it looks a million times better than almost all DIY bongs.
  6. I agree, thankfully the local hardware store sells flame resistant elec tape. N i covered round the bowl with it so i save myself from the tape carcinigens
  7. Great job man! That piece is bad ass ,but may I suggest you don't get to close to that electrical tape with an open flame (you wouldn't want it to melt and release dangerous fumes you could inhale).
  8. That's pretty bad ass man, I imagine you've tried it out so how does it go? Definitely looks the goods. Would be interested in how you made it for sure!
  9. it rips amazingly. Gave me an incredibly fat yet smooth rip,

    Well for starters, i had a glass bowl, with one hole at the top, i found an acrylic tube and believe it or not the bottom fits snug right in the top hole, after that i took the bowl underneath lukewarm running water and sloooooowly drilled with a glass bit till i popped a perfect hole in. I used a hollowed out chopped marker for the inner stem n a bic pen attached to a socket for the outer and bowl. After that it was pretty much done and worked just fine, i wanted an asthetic look so i took flane resistent black elec. tape and did a smooth rap around the chamber and glass bottom for a nice glossy black look, then slapped a green monster sticker on the front :) thats all aha, sorry for the huge read!
  10. That is stoner ingenuity at It's finest man! Props to you
  11. Haha thanks! As soon as the sticker went on i gazed for a solid 5 seconds before it was packed. Haha
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    looks dope for homemade i guess. still wouldnt hit it
  13. Nope, a glass ball from a lamp
  14. why not haha
  15. Shit looks dope way to be creative and inexpensive all @ the same time. I'd def hit it :)
  16. Looks real nice dude, a tutorial would be awesome! Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  17. That's awesome!
  18. because it's not healthy.. Lol
  19. That's definitely nice ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414593418.030003.jpg
    This is a first time piece i made all glass no carb hole cuz the stem is snug. The bottle was originally some apple juice container. But I call her Bonita Apple bong.

    My grass is always greener...
  20. Pretty cool man

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