My home made fimo pipe!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by XZit, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. My friend Nikki and I made a fimo pipe today!!
    Check it out--its actually nicely done for being homemade and all.

    She put a actual metal pipe inside when baking so it would hold its form--plus it helps when smoking out of it.

    I haven't smoked out of it yet though. But holding this bitch and just the size of the bowl I can tell will deliver hella nice hits.

    All I need now is a little metal screen to put over the end (so I don't get a bunch of ash in my mouth) (I'll post more pics later if I can)

    Here it is:

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  2. thats pretty good
  3. whats fimo?
  4. Fimo is like clay--but it only takes 20min to dry in the oven (you actually bake it)

    Fimo has a bunch of different colors, its really easy to work with, and its not that messy.
    (just google it if you want to know what it is or see pics)

    Anyhow ok I know that this will sound fucking dumb, but anyway I took my pipe and I put a hazelnut in the bowl and smoked it (not all of it) I was just doing an experiment to see what kind of hits I could get out of this pipe.

    Well let me tell you 1.) never smoke a hazelnut!! (hella harsh smoke) lol!! Although a nicely toasted hazelnut taste hella good. lol!!!!
    Anyhow so I toked on this hazelnut using the pipe one time--and DAMN! its a hella beefy amount of smoke.

    Ok you see most pipes have a small opening where you smoke out of--well this is a large opening (larger then a bubbler!) so it delivers really nice hits.

    And notice how the bowl is formed? Well I did another experiment. After I placed the metal grate thing in it--(to make sure I don't get ash from smoking out of it e.t.c.) I put water in the little bowl/cup thing at the end there. and then I tiped the pipe foward (so I wouldn't be drinking the and anyhow so I lit the hazel nut agian-and the water filtered the harsh ass smoke.

    So I can even add a little bit of water in the end of the pipe for a filter.

    I can't wait to smoke actual weed out of this thing. It will be so fucking nice!!
    Man my friends will be impressed and high after like one hit. lol!!

  5. I just christened (sp) this motha fucka. I actually smoked weed out of the baby--and damn its a nice smoke...hella harsh--true--but a nice smoke.

    Its not as good as glass spoons or anything, but for a poor guy like me living at home (with parents) and never smoking alone--its a perfect pipe. Its better then having no pipe-or some shitty little metal one thats for sure.
    but its not as good as a glass pipe (spoon)

    anyhow so it was a good toke.

    I only toked out of it once though that was it. Then we went to the bubbler, a spoon, and then my friend rolled a hella fatty blunt using cigar paper and that motha fucka got me hella baked.

    I was!!

    Anyhow this pipe will get probally a good amount of use once I get a job and some money rolling to buy some more pot and then I can toke whenever I need to out of this baby.

  6. Nice homemade pip bro, but you can pick up a decent (relative of course) spoon or chillum for <$30 that aint too much.

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