My hilarious virginity story

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  1. This was actually a response in an old topic but since I had replied months later on a 10 page topic, I could never get feedback, and a year and a half later I'm curious about what others think haha. The story actually makes me laugh looking back on it now, and is pretty funny.

    tl;dr: read it, it's pretty funny.
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  2. I wonder if she still has the condom in her va jay jay.
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  3. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    if she didn't realize what happened then and just went home thinking it was lost in your room she was probably fucking horrified when ever she ended up finding it..
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  4. LMAOOOOOOOOOO. this cracked me the fuck up. ok my theory is that it is the mix of your dick being to small, and it sounds like she's experienced so she's probably been ran through by a couple of um 'bigger' guys. Thats prollly why it was loose, i would find a smaller girl, probably asian, cuz it sounds like you might be too small. so wait lmao, you didn't bust ??? bruh fuck pussy if it don't come with no head shoulda told hr she was shit and you just needed some dome. no work, don't kiss her after, just send her home lol, naw thats a bit mean but no seriously thats what Iwouldve done.
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    How old are you? the first time i had sex(15) i knew my way around, went pretty well.
  6. Why the hell didn't you tell her to not grab your dick so hard?

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    oh ik right, this kid said he couldn't feel dome cuz she squeezed it numb? that makes no sense, it shouldn't be numb for more than like 30 sec, story is hilarious but way off. and if you feel nothing then idk what to tell you man... like honestly your dick is just really small
  8. Dont know why you guys have to say I'm lying, I told a story from my point of view cuz I thought it was funny. Oh well. And to whoever asked, she said she never found it, probably just didn't wanna seem weird lol.
  9. i didn't read this

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    :laughing:  if she really said that its because she felt bad or your just trying to boost that ego a bit so you could jump back on that saddle..
    im assuming you are the pussy slayer now
  11. Not saying this at all, and it probably was just a confidence thing. I thought it was a funny part so I included it.
  12. This was much much funnier than the OP.

    Playing it fast and loose with the word hilarious there OP.

    2/10 thread fail.
  13. all good bro just making fun! you dont wanna be the wiener to wife the hallway! lol
  14. That is fuckin CREEPY!
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  15. How did you not know the condom was inside of her? You thought that shit just evaporated into thin air?

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  16. not when you get pussy, not at all.

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