My Highke [Hike] On My Day Off Yesterday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kiLzeD, May 26, 2013.

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    Those are some bomb pictures man, looked like quite the adventure.... what was higher you or the mountain? 
  2. Some very sweet pictures man, especially the ones atop the mountain. 
    What area do you live in?
  3. Wow man, your blessed to be able to have beautiful senery like that. Here in florida basically the deepest woods we have you can still see houses from and its flat as fuck!
  4. I knew that those gorgeous scenery pics and nice lookin buds were from somewhere in BC~! Best place on EArth imo. Looks like you had fun bro, awesome high-ke!! :) Thanks
    I was probably a decent [6] for most of the hike any more and I probably would have gotten lost or something haha so I would say the mountain unfortunately 
    I live in Duncan on Vancouver Island
    Ew that sucks :/ but yeah I know I love it there is these huge cliffs that me and my buddies go to in my home town with about a 60 foot drop into rocks and it looks out into the ocean that place is amazing too
    It was an amazing and yes I agree I love BC you from there too?
  6. Thats some beautiful scenery man! reminds me of this mountain me and my dad hike up every year in Debra, Ontario. literally the middle of nowhere, cant see a house from the top of it if you tried xp but its like a 45 minute atv ride
    Once i get some money I wanna travel out to BC for maybe a year and see how it is and maybe move out there, Do you know anything about the trades out there, I'm looking into electrical or maybe pipefitting/welding? currently i live in ontario :p
  7. Right now there is a lot of need for people going into trades due to the baby boomers retiring wave. Plus the government is giving $1000 grants per year for going into electrician apprenticeship if I remember correctly
  8. This is amazing! Awesome photography and cool places.
  9. Those are some amazing pictures! I always prefer to be outside when toking, i'd kill to be where you are! Great pictures man! Keep toking :D 
  10. Thought i recognized the scenery.  Cowichen Bay is absolutely beautiful.  
    Trades are really in demand in British Columbia, i'm a electrical apprentice here in B.C. feel free to pm me any Q's you have Newbpowner

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