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my highdea that i thought of while looking in the fridge

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Skyed, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Well.. I was at my fridge and I was pretty blazed. Shit was going good. I felt amazing. And I was playing some scenario out in my head of this video from one of my social studies classes years ago. I remember these slaves were on a boat, and they would give the slaves like 1 sip of water and 1 corner of a piece of bread or something between 5 people. Then I was thinking, this slave is sitting here super thirsty. It would be so nice if he could get what he wanted, water. Then I imagined him dieing of thirst and then seeing him in heaven. What if right when he got in heaven, he all of a sudden felt amazing, like nothing matters. I was thinking of how heaven works. What if right when the slave dies of thirst, he sees a meadow of water and nice beautiful lands, but he all of a sudden isn't thirsty any more? Because when you go to heaven, everything is good. So like back to the amazing feeling of when you get into heaven. You feel super relaxed, good, nice, amazing. That sounds like being stoned. So what if when you go straight into heaven you're actually stoned? And god put the cannabis plant on earth for that reason?
  2. Are you high, boy?
  3. pass some of what you're smoking to me, man.
  4. You know you're extremely baked when... you connect a fridge to a slave to heaven.
    haha man, cool story stay blazed fuck the haters.
    and go post that shit on highdeas!:bongin:
  5. But my high is always more than just 'relaxed and mellow'. I always feel my body tinteling and being high is to me a different feeling than JUST relaxed and mellow.

    And most important heaven is a something in our head to give our thoughts a little bit of rest. Maybe it doesn't even excist.
  6. Thought this was bout some food >:0

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