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  1. So this is where ill post any of my stories that i consider pretty memorable during my high times hopefully you can have a laugh or two at my expense or just relate

    Feel free to post any cool stories you have to share or just discuss one of mine :wave:
  2. So I was about to give up bud completely because I burned four times and nothing has happened…. So I swore that this would be my last time if I did not get high

    Me and my friend Brandon went to a local fair to burn.. Seemed like a good idea, we start looking for spots to burn but as soon as we enter the woods all we see is shady characters and big toker groups, we try and find a new place

    We end up crossing a main road extremely busy, and go up some hill behind a store, burn in the woods and behold the first time I have ever been high

    I wasn't just high I was ripped as fuck and had never experienced a feeling like this before, my friend wasn't high and hasn't been before (he gets high the next day at the fair and can finally sympathize) so this motherfucking friend of mine wants me to cross one of the busiest roads I know, not just cross like jay walk across the middle hop over the divider and run across again

    I have done this feat countless times sober, but this was new and I begged and begged to go to the cross walk, I almost got on my knees :eek:, im pretty sure I offered too but no we ran across…. Running felt like a new thing, and I was having a paranoid high, I probably would have bet I was going to get hit by a car

    Everything felt new and scary as shit :confused: and in the fair was drug dogs and I probably have 2gs on me, and being paranoid I could have sworn those dogs were eyeing me out, my friend also kept wanting to do shit and all I wanted was to sit down and try and understand this feeling, so much shit happened that night that I cannot recall

    First experiences are always unique but I realize that nothing is like your first high :( I haven't experienced one quite like it ever since and being paranoid is actually a lot more fun… so much adrenaline coursing through you… that is one day I wish I could go back and relive :smoke:
  3. So this is probably the second scariest thing that ever happened to me,

    Okay so me and my friend were staying at his beach house. After rolling and preparing for the night we set out to smoke by the pier cus it was a pretty secluded spot without anyone by it.

    As we start walking down the board walk passing alot of people, the closer we got to the pier the less people there were, untill there were none. Finally after walking aves after aves we see the pier and we notice some lone guy sitting on a bench looking out to the ocean. We thought nothing of it, just some man wanting to relaxing quiet.

    Its really hard to explain the set up of this pier, but if you walk past the beginning of the pier theres a whole bunch of trees and shrubs with a little path into a very secluded area. So theres this area right next to this restuarant attached to the pier (closed due to the hour 1 am ish) and then the pier starts on from there.

    First weird thing to happen was, as i walked into the path i peered around my shoulder to catch the glimpse of the guy chilling jogging to his truck. But i was like w.e f it, so as we got to our spot, we started to light up everything was all golden.:smoke: My friend was facing me and i was facing the ocean, than all the sudden im like holy shit dude we have to fucking go now lets move go go go, because i saw a guy come out of the pier 3 ft in front of us walking slowly to us. SO me and my friend move very far left and he walks by and w.e all good again? HELL FUCKING NO,:eek: we look back into the cove of trees and hes fucking standing there staring at us looking shady as hell. After me and my friend start bugging out under our breath we decide to walk towards the end of the peir and finish off there.

    Were telling ourselves that guy just wanted to take a piss no big deal. So close to the end of the pier, mind you that its dark as fuck under there, were finishing off and im full on staring at the spot we came from, 5 minutes ish later no sign of him, so i start to turn to my friend and tell him i think were good, and i see a foot turn out of the shadows like 5 piersections infront of us. By that time im like fuck smoking lets run, and we jog a good 100 feet down the beach now before looking back. ANd underneath the pier section we were at, THERE HE FUCKING WAS :eek:, leaning up against the collum staring at us, and then he went into the shadows. Scared shitless we pick up the speed ditch the roaches and talk about how

    WE ALMOST GOT FUCKING MURDERED or possibly raped.... i cant think of any other reason he would be doing that
  4. Alright so at my friends beach house were just prepping some jays and such, grind up, rollup, lick it and stick it, and when my friend handles weed he fucking shakes ridiculously.. real funny to watch

    but anyway turns out he left his phone on his bed and we're in the kitchen …mid roll we hear the front door open

    because his phone was on his bed he missed the phone call that would have warned us that his dad was stopping by, and from the front door you can see the entrance of the kitchen, so we both stick our heads out to see whats going on

    my shaking friend starts bugging picking up weed not knowing what the fuck to do, im grabbing the grinder and walking it out of the kitchen all awkward like, clearly somethings up

    it's a good thing our third friend took the initiative to run out and distract him while we did a sloppy crazy fast clean up throwing shit everywhere trying to hide it… Shakey said that he was going to throw it all out side.. I probably would have been pissed since it was about an 8th

    It's a good thing the night before, the kid who distracted the parent was pushed through one of the fucking walls! So there was quite a distraction talk going on, buying shakey and I just enough time to get shit put a way

    All I know is that was a nerve racking day, but nerve racking days only make for good stories in my opinion
  5. HAHahhaha get raped by some bums
  6. it probably could have been pretty bad ahaha but anyway dude thanks for the idea to write all my stories down!

  7. Sum scary shit dude i would of probably shit on myself...or he could of been tryin to mooch a hit????
  8. i dont know he got pretty close to us and didnt say a word, so i think if he was gunna try and mooch he would of said something but yeah i was pretty close to shitting myself haha
  9. A pretty good FML story my friend experienced just last weekend

    So its january and its fucking freezing out at night and i mean it and my friend needs to ride his bike down to a store to pick up a dutch, its about a 5 minute bike ride, when he gets there he calls me up and says can you fucking believe i forgot my money at the house!? im on my way back

    When he comes back hes like shaking numb and freezing and departs again little does he know that the store closed after he left hahah so now he has to go even further to get the dutch and ride all the way back... We see him back at the house about a half hour later hahah... If that was me probably would have been extremely pissed
  10. Feeling sick blows... but throwing up is even worse.. and one time i picked up some fire ended up smoking alot of it out of jays and home made bong but ended the night puking for hours.

    i was just wondering if anyone has any input on why i threw up? I ate dinner at 530 we started smoking around 1130. i was also fine until i ate some 7/11 doughnuts that's basically what triggered it. Could it all have been psycological or maybe if i was swallowing hits? maybe not eating or just bad doughnuts, i dont know.

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