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My High to Do List, Have You Done These? What Are Yours?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sc0pe, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. My to do list is these, i think ive done a few but was to high to remember afterwards

    2 play music on instrument(i can play a little piano)
    3 play on my green machine
    4 go to my local swimming pool which has spas and a sauna and steam room
    5 go to this abandoned house and play x files music on my ipod
    6 go to the zoo
    7 watch rain and lightning
    8 use Inception app(its an iphone app that takes noise in the mic and then really distorts it)

    have you done anything like these?

    what are things you want to do high

  2. •go swimming
    •go to six flags and ride some roller coasters
    •go skydiving (never done that sober either)
    •go on a road trip up the california coast with an Ounce

    That's about it, the last two are very important.
  3. - Sing!.
    - watch documentaries about weed.
    - go to and chill.
    - go on an adventure through a local forest.
    - start a pro-marijuana riot
  4. Fuck two bad bitches at the same damn time
  5. riots would be bad for the marijuana community and would hurt our cause.

    I've been swimming and it's great. but the best things in life are good food and good company. 
  6. Rape
  7. haha I know, I was kidding :p
  8. Man I've had a crazy life lol, gone to cedar point, worlds best roller coaster park stoned four time, got stoned on a boat 15 miles out at sea, hot boxed a porta pot with my friend and went golfing lol and my favorite experience was either sitting on top of a huge hill/small mountain and smoking a blunt or going ou on this giant pier that's made only of rocks and smoking a blunt while fishing
  9. My best fucking high ever was me smoking while I dug a foxhole. That was the most fulfilling experience in my entire life.
  10. eat, watch movies, play games, listen to music.

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