My high story, craziest sensation, read! :D

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  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to tell you guys a little story, its nothing important but i just feel like sharing it.

    I was with my friends walking around on new years eve and it was maybe 1 in the morning, and we were walking down this road. We saw a car ahead and jokingly thought it was a cop and i was like ill go see and if i scratch my head its a cop. I walked and then 2 cop cars pulled up next to the car and i was just standing in the headlights of the car and i didnt know what to do so i started like scratching my head with both hands and like awkwardly fidgeting and the cops just like looked at me. My friends saw that i scratched my head and they threw our bowl and weed into the snow and then caught up to me. We kept walking then a cop car pulled up next to us and started asking us questions. He then left and we kept walking and we were paranoid that one of the cops were gonna find the bowl that was like 20 feet away because at this point there were like 4 cop cars back there. When we looked back down the road we saw a cop car driving up to us and we just full out sprinted. I dont know why but we all full speed ran through some neighborhood and we thought the cops were chasing us. We then stopped and decided we were good. We called our friend who was in his car and had him pick us up. When we got in his car we decided to go get the bowl and weed (this was a while later when the cops were gone). We decided to smoke and then we drove around and hotboxed. We were all really high except me, i was just sort of buzzed and happy until i turned around and looked at my friend and he said "yo dude, your fucking baked dude pretty soon you wont be able to remember your name". I dont know if he was just saying that because my eyes were bad or if he was just joking but then when i turned back around i suddenly lost feeling in my mouth then i realised i was high as hell. I was so high i felt like our car was flying through space. The driver of the car put on this dubstep song and it was called meteor shower (i will attach link at bottom) and the song like entered my soul. I honestly felt like we were in a spaceship. His car has turbo so we were driving pretty fast and it felt awesome. But then when the dubstep drop was coming he slowed down and i kind of looked at him and then all of the sudden... BAM the song dropped and he floored it down this road and we all screamed and i thought we were goign lightspeed and the turbo in his car felt amazing and we all flipped out and it was so sick. We have a video of it on my friends phone and when he sped at the drop we all like put our hands on the walls and screamed and laughed and i felt like we were like flying away from an exploding planet. Just listen to this song and imagine being stoned as fuck and flooring it in a turbo car. Just picture it and imagine how amazing it was. More funny shit happened later (Like my friends flirting with a bunch of prostitues and their pimp) but it will take too hard to explain.

    Thats all hope you enjoyed reading it,

    Happy smoking :smoking:

    [ame=]The Slag & Synchronice - Meteor Shower - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Sounds like a good time:)

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