My "high" religion

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  1. well the other day while BLASTED, i got a great idea that made so much sense at the time (you know that kinda feeling) I scribbled down on a piece of paper, with red sharpie mind you, a religion and i will now type exactly what this paper says, no changes. Enjoy!

    " my religion is "GWU-UH-UH-uH" we worship the "blonede" (i meant blonde, i think..) moustached guy standing up from the couch, he is a cool guy, also hes holding a green beer."

    I was COMPLETELY gone lol, just before this "spark of brilliance" i decided i was a TV psychic because i guessed the end to CSI; MIAMI the "mommy deadest episode" i thought this was cool cuz i guessed the exact end only like 15-20 minutes in, the show is 1 hour.

    Now to the stoned audience, Please follow my religion, STONERS UNITE! :hello:
  2. All hail Blonde Mustache guy
  3. Blonde mustache guy lol
  4. why the fuck would i want to follow spencer ?
  5. I was confused for a second because that is my name lol But then I realized you were talking about the doucher on the hills:smoking:
  6. *kills blonde mustache guy*

    I'm your god now.
  7. HAHA, your name is spencer, that must be some next level trippy, yeah i was talking about the doucher on the hills, i just want to round house kick that fag in the face..
  8. I dont watch the hills, for i am not a homosexual.
  9. Although, by the laws of "GOD" dom, TRAV1S is now technically the god in high religion.

    hail the almighty TRAV1S, for he has conquered blonde moustached guy!:hello:
  10. I hate having one of the only other people I know in existence with my name be him. It brings bad rep to the name.

    Who said killing blonde mustache guy stops him? He will just come back with more green beers than ever before!
  11. dude i wouldnt worry he has a douche bag look about him, i dont watch the hills ither but i be with my girl who does so its a catch 22 it has nothing to do with the name, think of kenny vs spenny
  12. That show is freaking funny I need to watch that again, and no I'm not worried I don't have a creepy flesh colored beard
  13. lol i was actually watching kenny vs spenny while checkin up on this

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