My high isn't relaxing anymore

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  1. I'm 25, diagnosed anxiety disorder, graves disease, and pseudotumor cerebri. I have smoked cannabis for years to help me sleep, and occasionally with friends. I have always enjoyed being high and I've tried many strains of herb, different oils, and edibles. As of a month ago my high has changed in a bad way... I find that when I smoke my tongue feels swollen (like I'm in danger of swallowing it), I feel dizzy and disoriented, my chest feels tight and I feel like I will pass out...non of these symptoms are pleasurable and I feel like I spend my whole high waiting for it to go away so I can relax. Does anyone else experience this or have any idea why this would be happening to me after years of smoking?
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  2. That could be your anxiety making you paranoid. Next time you light up go outside and chill or do something. You should feel more calm and relaxed doing that.
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  3. Probably prescription meds side effects. Pills are the most heinous form of medicine today.
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  4. I have to stay away from Sativa/ sativa dominate strains they have always done that to me.

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  5. People with anxiety disorders will generally be more likely to freak out on weed.. which isn't at all surprising.

    The key is to stick to the lowest dosage possible. Say, only smoke 1/3 of what you used to smoke when you were having bad experiences.

    Then again, it cannot be stressed enough - Everyone reacts differently to cannabis. Know your body, know your mind.
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  6. Worst case scenario that I myself have been it. Your weed could be laced with something from Tylenol to PCP or something like that. If that's the case just do a couple of simple tests on yourself to see if there's anything off before you worry.

    Look into a mirror in a bright room, you pupils should look dilated to a smaller size with the light on. Turn the light off and back to on and see if the pupil dilated again. If your pupils stay rather larger that normal, I'm I'd ask your doc to get a urine test done to see if they find anything unusual.

    If you have cloudy urine, that's another sign of laced weed.

    If you have loss of appetite, restlessness, blacking out, vomiting, cold sweats, etc... these may or may not be a sign aswell.

    Note that this doesn't always mean anything is in the weed, but it's a good idea to be safe than sorry and get that urine test if you checked off anything I listed.

    Jane_Bellamont is also very correct, I strongly agree with that theory.

    I wish you well. :)

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  7. I know this feeling. I've been growing my own weed for many years now so I know it isn't laced or bad weed or anything. Sometimes my tolerence just drops low and when I start smoking again I get more anxious than I can actually enjoy so the high is waiting for it to come down a bit to a reasonable level.

    What helps me is to just realise that it's weed, I've been smoking it for almost half my life, it's harmless and not gonna hurt me. Even if it's overhwelming I realise that it's not as long lasting as other drugs can be, and it's something I know I can handle.

    Honestly the worst thing that you can do if you are having this problem, is to just sit there and think about it. Get yourself distracted in something you enjoy, if you are just sitting and thinking about how fuckin high you are, it will start having an affect on your anxiety, at least for me it does.

    That and go slow, there's no need to get super high every time you smoke, work with your tolerence. I generally smoke 1 hit and wait 10-15 min and smoke again if I want more. You can always smoke more but you can't undo the last hit you took.
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  8. That is also very true.

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  9. I feel you. Sometimes weed is boring for me....I don't get that feeling anymore and then my dealer gets a strain that makes weed exciting again
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  10. That's why I just started growing my own tree a couple weeks ago. So I know it's real bud grown proper.

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  11. I honestly don't know why any dealer would want to give their customers anything other than what is described. They could just get snitched on.. unless they're like an organized armed cartel or something.
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  12. Unfortunately most dealers suck. They are fly by night types. They don't grasp the basic business concepts and end up failing as a drug dealer and all they buy are qps at a time. It took me years to finaly find a mostly relaiable dealer. One thing I wish we could change here is being able to walk into a store and buy my weed instead of having to buy it on the because of government regulation
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  13. Could be that the weed is dusty or was grown outdoors and has non weed pollen on it that you're allergic to lol. That's quite a long shot though lmao.
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  14. might be depression but mine have been low levels of energy and kinda negative, like a forebording sense of somethings not right. I mean, it does show me what I need to improve and wow, I did not know I was in such a need of a walk in the park or a sunny day to cheer me up
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  15. Laced weed is very common on the streets in Ontario anyways. They grow weed cheaply and usually bunk we find a lot of seeds and funny tasting buds out here.

    I have had more than one occasion and I've seen it done.

    For instance. Let's say John bought at gram of crack for 80$. John and his mom break it down into a liquid substance filling a spray bottle. John's mother lays a towel down on the bed, while John places down a quarter pound of weed that was overgrown thus purchased for a cheap price down on the towel. John also brags about being apart of a grow op in the north somewhere. e John takes the spray bottle and sprays all of the buds evenly.

    Johns buddy comes over and says " what's that? Don't you normally dry buds hanging from something, why are they on a towel on the end of the bed?"

    John replys "that's just how we dry them, if you put the towel to your face and sniff really hard you will get high."

    Friend says "oh that's sick."

    Now john sells cheap bunk for a higher price than usual. If you ask John for a deal he will just give you normal bunk and you don't really get high. If you pay an extra 5-10$ John will give you a "high grade" strain that get's you pretty bloodshot high. Sometimes John's weed makes his friends pupils larger than normal. His friends pupils were only ever that large before when he was on MDMA.

    Laced weed is very possible, however would be the last resort when all is ruled out.

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  16. Here's where I would start looking:

    1. How is your mindset prior to smoking, has the day been going generally well or has it been "one of those days".
    2. How is the environment in which you are smoking, has anything changed, does it set the tone for a good toke and relax?
    3. What strain am I smoking (if it's at all possible to tell)? Is it sativa/indica dominant (usually able to distinguish without knowing genetics).
    4. Where did I buy this stash, is it my regular guy/dispensary.
    5. Visually examine the buds, anything smell look different from the norm?
    6. Maybe a break for a day or two could be in order to come back and reevaluate your bodies response to THC, now that you've experienced some unpleasant feeling (and being anxiety prone) you might start getting worked up just thinking about how it might make you feel which could be causing the undesired effects and not the weed itself.

    I would take a day or two and try and associate smoking with all the pleasant feelings and experiences you've previously had and try in a very comfortable safe spot where you can just try and chill. Crack open a beer, put on some music, maybe call a friend of your feeling social and let the night take off from there. Hope this helps.
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  17. I remember getting anxious when I first started smoking, it was all inside my head, of course if your going to worry about your life while being high your going to hate the experience. You actually have to do something enjoyable while your high, and stop thinking and relax.
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  18. Yep, this is something I realized from experience aswell.

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