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My high is way over the top compared to my friends

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeroots, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Hi, im not really a new smoker, I've ben smoking for like 2 years or something and lately i've ben smoking a lot. Last night I was with some friends and we smoked a lot and everyone got really high, however my high was really different from theirs. Mine was crazy, very external and it just seemed like it manifested itself has a output. But they were calm relaxed chill and kept it to themselfs. So this made me think that they were thinking that I was realy high or acting weird and it kinda made me overthink the whole situation. It wasn't really paranoia or anxeity just weird shit. It isnt the first time it happened. So i was wondering if its normal or not. IT doesent happen everytime I smoke just a little too often. thanks for any help :))
  2. Tolerance isn't based on how long you've been smoking, it's based on how much you smoke. Also some people are more prone to anxiety than others due to various factors going on in their lives and how they react to them. I know you said it wasn't anxiety but I don't understand what "weird shit" means. If you aren't enjoying it then I think you're having some anxiety issues when you get higher than what's comfortable to you.
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  3. Right I get what you're saying, ill be more specific. So I sometimes feel confused like im not sure whats going on and dont understand what people are saying because whenever I go out its usually a big group and people are talking to each other and there are 2 or more conversations going on at the same time. So I find it hard to follow and then whenever I say or do something I wonder what people understood and thought of what I said, like in their perspective what is going on. However I never feel bad or distressed I just feel weird and feel like everything else is weird. I dunno maybe im just overthinking it.
  4. The good news is that you don't have to smoke too much. Just smoke enough a little and stop for 10 or 15 minutes before another hit. No one says you have to keep up with your boys and it's foolish to smoke more than what's comfortable because you imagine everyone will think less of you if you don't keep up. If they are your friends they won't think anything of it and if they're not then fuck what they think.
  5. Remember, no two people have the same brain chemistry. If someone is vision impaired they might have increased visuals. If someone is hearing impaired, they may have some type of auditory hallucination. If someone had PTSD, they might relapse on their event. Nobody can explain how your brain works for yourself, but weed will always heighten your 5 senses when you smoke up. Cheers!

  6. I dont think that at all. They're not like that and I'm not like that. I just wonder if they think my high is weird that's all. thanks 4 the help

  7. That's actually really helpful. Im probably just overthinking, I always enjoy my high so there's really not much to worry about. Thanks man, cheers!
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  8. It's not just a tolerance factor, man. It kinda sounds like you were all smoking a pretty heavy sativa or sativa-dom strain, and ones like that tend to have a varied effect with different people. That's not a bad thing at all, nor is it uncommon. I wouldn't worry about it, and if the people you smoke with have an issue with it....well...I'd find new people to smoke with!


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