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My high feels like me on "crack"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joe42, May 8, 2011.

  1. So i just smoked for my first time last friday. We got about a gram and my friends told me we got the good shit, from a dispensary. The three of us split it. I was so high it was unbelievable at first and then i would snap back into reality. This snapping in and out of reality kept happening and I had a mild panic attack that i got over (probable also from not feeling very safe where i was). However the really strange thing is this feeling of snapping in and out of reality happens to me all the time it was just amplified on weed. Do other people feel this or am I just a strange person (I've kinda always suspected this)? Even my munchies just seemed like my normal hunger that i can never get rid off, Same goes for the drowsiness. Anyone know what wrong with me?
  2. You smoked crack before?

    The high only lasts like 5 minutes compared to weeds 1-4. Just chill out next time.
  3. I dunno, but maybe you were high?
  4. I see this is your first post be careful of what you say. Other drugs are not allowed to be mentioned on the forums. Welcome to GC you might want to edit that if you can so your thread does not get shut down. ;)
  5. Being high makes you more aware of the normal mechanisms of perception. Its not weird, its just your eyes working normally. :)

    How human vision perceives rapid changes: Brain predicts consequences of eye movements based on what we see next

  6. It was only your first toke, give it a few more tries, maybe in a different atmosphere, like just chillin at home watching TV and maybe when you're alone.

    The first time I smoked I can remember it wasn't the greatest time I've had, I took too much from a bong hit, coughed a lot and I was around some people I didn't really know so I was over thinking a lot. The next time I smoked, I was alone and just chillin at home and it was a much better way of getting use to the feeling.
  7. Holy shit I thought someone posted this on my account for a second lol

    And it can happen if you've just started weed
  8. I remember that happened to me, it gets better trust me.
  9. i dont see how this sounds like a crack high at all, to me it sounds like you just got high. dont worry, what you experiences was normal, welcome to the wonderful world of mary jane

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