My high experiences as of late...

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  1. So just last week I decide im killing my communications class in college so i decide to smoke a few bowls before class. This isnt out of the ordinary for me as i light up when I feel class is going to be boriing and brutal. It doesnt seem to effect my marks in any way with a 3.4 GPA. So just like any other day i smoked a bowl just before class. And as im walking there i realize im higher then i want to be for class but i figure its cool, i'll just sit and listen to my professor talk. I get to class and just my luck my professor has set up a toast-masters style challenge where we're put on the spot and you have to make a 5 minute impov speech while utilising certain words that she randomly pulled from the dictionary. Just my luck, as i roll in just a couple minutes late, she decides to make an example of me and im the first one to go up. keep in mind i had no idea this was going on today lol. combine that with my previously stated acedemic performance and the expectations were expexted to be quite high. It was trouble from the start lol. My speech was awful, i struggled to get to a minute and a half let alone 5 minutes. I ended up getting to just over 3 minutes talking about nonsense. I finally gave up and sat down next to this girl at the back of the class. she taps me on the shoulder and says, "it couldnt be anymore obvious someone is baked." Needless to say I didnt do well on the assignment lol.

    My second experience occured last night, a crazy dream! I'll explain. So ive been sick for the past while with a nasty cough and runny nose. and so just before bed my roommate convinced me to smoke a bowl before bed to help me fall asleep. I caved because i hadnt smoked in a few days due to the nasty cough, i didnt feel it would be beneficial to smoke when im coughing up a lung as it is. so anyway, we smoked a nice bowl from my jumbo bubbler and i went to bed. I fell asleep instantly and I had this crazy dream. Just for somebackground knowledge im a AA baseball player. So i dreampt Randy Johnson I convinced randy johnson to join our baseball team for the upcoming season. Randy was dominate! He threw complete game no hitters throughout the season only to get rocked in the Championship Series for the title. Johnson gave up a couple homers and lost his temper, proceeded to punch a fan in the face, got in his car and drove into a fire hydrent upon which he fled the scene.

    Just some crazy high times over the past week, thought id share
  2. Sorry to hear about the speech mate, hope the next couple blazes are better... Take a fuck ton of vitamin C!
  3. hahahah. at least they knew you were high and didn't just think you're an idiot. feel better.
  4. I don't know how you could do it man. Going to class high. My classes in college are waaay too hard to do that to.

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