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My high "autopilot mode"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokeitdown, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I've noticed more and more lately that there are a few things I can do while smoking and just go into this "autopilot" mode. I'll just be tackling one task with ease while another group of things is going on too. I mean for 3 years I've been the primary driver for blunt rides and munchie runs. Driving while stoned is just something that comes naturally to me.

    I can be hitting a blunt or some glass while driving and having a conversation, and the whole driving thing is just something another part of my brain is taking care of, but I'm totally in control. And at the same time I'm totally involved in the conversation and music and smoking/passing etc... It's a tough thing to explain, especially as I'm pretty baked at the moment. :):smoking:

    I've noticed a few of my friends don't have this tool like me, as some of them suck at driving blunt rides.. fuck up turns and shit. Some cant even smoke while driving, or even drive high at all!

    Anyway, I'm sure other people have their blazed "autopilot" like while youre at work or something else... whats up GC? Do you possess this super cool and useful tool? :D:smoking:
  2. talking to my parents. whenever im high and im talking to my mom or dad, its pretty much the easiest thing. until i have to have an actuall conversation with them haha
  3. Along with never having built up a tolerance to weed over 7 years of smoking, this is another one of my prized pothead abilities.

    I understand what you mean when you say you can't describe it. when it happens, it'as if you're not even driving, but sitting and simply conversing with your friends. Driving high gives you a calm, focused feeling, and I am more concious and aware while driving high, yet this happens completely unconciously.

    I don't know if its the same for you, but while driving high I sometimes appear totally unresponsive, when in reality, I feel so calm and focused that when asked for my input on a conversation, i am able to dig deep and actually think about my response before just blurting out the first thing that comes to my mind. (something i do often while sober)
  4. Same here, homeboy. My girl's friend is always like "Ethan, you drive good high and I don't" and makes drive. It's kinda funny, but I do the same shit you mentoned.
  5. Nail on the head. bonus points for you sir

    oh.. and +rep

    Haha yeah I tend to sit and think about my answer to any in depth questions... and people think I dont hear them and repeat the question a few times. but then i shoot my answer and its like woah:smoking:
  6. yuuuup the girl I chill with can't drive for shit I have to do everything when were baked. It's pretty fun tho I love driving high, listening to some music and just chillin. Maybe smoking on a nice L

  7. Always knew I wasn't the only one haha.
  8. I'm not gonna say I'm the best driver high but I can still drive pretty good. There's been a few times that I was a horrible driver though. I accidentally took the corner too sharp and went up and over the curb and I guess went onto two wheels for a bit. All this in a van. But normally, I can drive really well high. My friend, on the other hand, really isn't that good at it. I tried to bowl cruise with him where I would steer and he would hit the pipe. I kept him straight but he ended up going like 10mph in a 45... And when he's high, he's really aggressive and gets pissed easily.
  9. Im definetly like this, have no problem driving while stoned, just last week i droved through a sobriety check point totally blazed lol
  10. one problem when i drive high: the pedals trip me out, i cant feel how hard im pushing, so i always go like 10km under the speed limit

  11. HAHA I ran into a sobriety check during the holidays. I was blazed out of my skull after the big turkey feast (who doesnt get stoned for thanksgiving) and I hit a checkpoint. Had a 2 min conversation with the cop, then bounced. Pulled out a fresh J and sparked it :smoking:
  12. dude im the same way. ive gotten so good while multitasking while driving, rolling cigs, loading bowls (drivin with my knees lol) and other shit. oh yeah and i drive a standard.
    one time me and my friend were smoking a blunt and the whole time i swear i was driving i was looking dead at my friend. and all of a sudden i looked back at the road and i was like "how fuckin long has it been since i looked at the road?!" i probably did look at the road i was ust high as fuck and very aware of my surroundings
  13. I do that with the rearview when I think I see a cop behind me in the distance (every 5 mins while im high) then a min later im like shit have I even looked at the road at all? Its nuts

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