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My Hidden Gem!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Yonatin, May 25, 2010.

  1. all right i got my 400w bulb hooked up and i made the switch. my next question is how far away do i put my plants away from the light, it is pretty hot and i dont want to burn down my plants. also if i just put a fan aimed at my light to try to cool it off will that help the heat? i really dont want to burn down my house, the lights are in a closet so the heat will most likely accumulate in there but the fan spreads it around (at least i hope haha) I know i will be watching this setup really closely to make sure nothing gets too hot until i can trust it.
  2. yea they defo seem like HPS lights, you dont have to have a big budget for nutes ive only spent £30 on em in 2 years-ish, & im always happy 2 help & give advice as much as poss, spider mites are a REAL BITCH but if you catch them early you can control em if not kill em

    just for future refrence dude if you get spider mites again look up something called neem oil!

    also can you post some close up pics to help confirm sex or av you checked the sexing sticky as that "blade of grass" you talk about is on male & female plants, unless its a white pistal

  3. I can't see any pistils but I also can't see any pollen sacks. I'll get a close up if it's not too blurry
  4. hey dude you managed to sex it?

    if ur aving trouble she may not be showing & may not untill you start to flower, if you can post a pic or 2
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    here are some more pics of the plants i also managed to get some close ups of them hopefully this helps you guys see. [​IMG]
  6. kinda hard for me 2 tell as im f**ked, but i dont really see any signs of sex either male or female, alot of the time they wont show untill you flower them, but also alot of the time they can show sex after about a month or when mature, mine(from seed) always seem to show well before i flower them, but some guys say theirs never do untill flowering, it may be quite strain dependant i think
  7. yeah, it's kinda hard to tell.

    how long should i let them grow before i start to flower them? I know it's personal preference but i also want to start another two here soon. also how much taller do they get when you start to flower?
  8. its up to you m8, can flower them now if you want, they will usually double in size when you flower them, but very common is for them to triple in size so remember to allow for the size increase, most of my widow plants go almost triple in size everytime lol:smoking:
  9. haha I guess now would be a good time since space isn't really an issue but i dont want them to smell a whole bunch haha. so basically i have to imagine my plant two or three times bigger but with bud and then decide if i want to flower them?
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    well thats one way to put it lol but basically yea:) im not saying forsure they will triple although its very common, but more closer to double in size, most of my strains do tend to double within first few weeks or so of flowering apart from my white widow that almost triples

    ps IMO they do look a nice size to flower & im very sure there mature -being the age they are
  11. all right I'm going to buy some "bud candy" and once i get that I'll switch the lights to 12/12. do you know why they double? I believe you and everything because you have been a big help. I'm just curious because i find these plants extremely interesting. do you think you can judge how much the yield will be or no?
  12. nice1 thank m8, ive found myself saying this alot recently, but i dont really guess at yeilds, plus it would be just that -a guess but im sure someone will chime in & give you an idea,

    to be honest im not sure why they double i did have some idea but i aint done much reading recently lol, with mine i see it as more of a stretch than doubling/tripling as such, & you can keep this stretch to a min by keeping your lighting as close as poss, bit like when you start seedlings

    i will say that i had some blue cheese plants a while back about the size of your largest plant & i got bit under an oz of each "i think"(if im remembering right) i dont know if thats good/bad or whatever as all grows are diff, but im happy with the way i grow & my yeilds so i say its good(2 me anyway)

    ps ive heard good things about bud candy
  13. haha yeah I understand I guess I will have to wait and see. yeah, I'm happy with the way I grow too, because it's relatively cheap and a lot of fun. yeah i saw this one grow thread on here and he used bud candy and his looked way nice so that why chose to go with it. the light i have is way fucking hot haha so i dont want to burn them. how close do you know are you supposed to put the plants from the light? i just put my hand a the level that i think would be not too hot for them.
  14. well light distance is diff for diff types of lights, cant remember what your using, CFL's right? for CFL's you can & need to place them close as poss(without burning em lol) this is usually within close as couple inches, as for HPS/MH that will generally be much higher

    to test if its to hot for the plant(s) place you hand flat just on the top of the plant, parm facing down, if its comfortible for your hand its fine for them, if you hand starts to get uncomfortable raise the light (also hold your hand there for atleast 30 secs) this applies for all light types
  15. actually I'm using a HPS light it's the 400w one so it is the least hot out of all of them i guess haha. should i keep the HPS one for flowering or switch to MH or CFL? I have heard HPS is the one to keep so that's what I'm keeping unless there is a better one out there.
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    ah my mistake dude, been posting on to many threads lol

    in MJ growing you have MH(metal halide) for vegging & HPS(high pressure sodium) for flowering, BUT you can do a whole grow fine with HPS, if i was you & i had the choise id use the MH for veg, then HPS for flowering, as that would be perfect/optimal

    one thing to bear in mind is that MH runs even hotter than HPS!!! & i see your just finding out how hot HPS gets lol,

    if your using the HPS just do the hand trick i said to check its not to hot, & if your bit worried/not sure/ or dont trust the HPS lol just raise it bit higher as its better to have it bit high rather than cooking your plants althoghter in my books lol

    ps as you got those lights i would bother with CFL's any more apart from using for cloning/seedlings & the sort
  17. yeah haha well they were on cfl's for the longest time then i switch to MH for about a day then bought a HPS light bulb. my next grow I'll do MH for vegging and HPS for flowering for sure I'm also going to top them and see how that goes. do you know when a good time to top them is? the tips on the plants look like they're getting a little discolored due to the heat, but i can't decide if it's the fan that's blowing on them or if it's the heat from the lights or even a combo of both. yeah haha HPS's are way hot and i couldn't imagine anything hotter haha.
  18. you can top/fim your plants anytime now, but if you do you need to give them atleast a week to "recover" & to form the new growth (which is why you topped in the first place!) before you flower, so if you do it'l only delay your plans a week-ish
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    so If i top/fim them and then make it flower will i have more bud spots that will make it worth my time? haha
  20. I also have another question for you, would you concider my plants to be all natural if I have only used that "Super Thrive" plant food? Or would that be concidered not natural?

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