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    Hi, my name is Jonathan and I have been growing for fun for a couple of years but right at the end of every plant i seem to fuck it up. Here is my current grow from just some bag weed. My setup is six cfl lights and I have been looking into HPS lights but the price deterred me until I noticed that my dad had gotten a couple of them from his work. I'm pretty sure that they threw them out for newer models. Here are some pictures please let me know what you guys think i could use any advice. I plan to make the switch in a day or two. the plants are about 46 days old and i also have another plant but no pics of it yet.

  2. Hope its a female.
  3. Yeah so do I if not then it was fun anyways haha. is there a way you can tell right now? or is it to early still?
  4. still too early, that light looks like a mh not an hps btw(mh still works but it's bet for vegging)
  5. all right thanks the packaging on the bulb said High Pressure Sodium so i thought it was HPS. can you tell me what nutes i should be using? i was going to buy the "bud candy" and im currently using superthrive plant food. is there anything else i should be using? and do they look good for their age? any advice is much appreciated thanks.
  6. hey dude id agree fresh31 on the lights defo not hps, hps has a very orange light, they do look like MH(metal halide) which you can use for vegging

    for nutes you got an amzing choise but duno what your budget is, basically you want to find a good veg nute & bloom nute to start with, foxfarms brand are good but higher end price wise, or biobizz brand for bit more cheaper but still very much aimed at MJ

    also your plant(s) look good, they not asking for food, so you dont need to rush out & get any ol crap lol

    im curious dude you said you been growing couple years & always fuck it up at the end, how like? as you been growing simlar sort time as me lol(not saying im a guru grower or anything)
  7. also have you not sexed the plant yet? at 46 days it should be fully mature & could already be showing sex, but we wouldnt be able to tell from the pics
  8. yeah i agree with mills, i neglected to read that its 46 days old lol. start looking for balls or hairs
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    I'm not disagreeing with him i was just saying why i thought they were hps haha sorry. Is this what youre talking about them being orange?

    thanks for the nute tips i dont have a huge budget but i dont want to settle if i can get something a little better. I always mess it up because my last one got spider mites and i had no idea what to do and by time i figured something out they killed my plant. I should re phrase it " I have grown on and off for two years haha" thanks for you're advise you don't know how much i appreciate it. just let me know about the lights i posted because if they are the right ones i'll start to use them instead.
    and btw i think they both are female because they have a little it looks like a small blade of grass by the stem where it branches of into a leaf.
  10. either type will work ;)
    but looking at this pic makes it hard lol. the first pic looks mh because of the shape of the bulb and the whitish light. this other one looks hps because of the orangish(is that the color it is when fully lit)
    most hps bulbs look like this [​IMG]
  11. yeah the orange one is the fully warmed up light. the bulb isn't narrow like that one but i have about 3 orange ones and one of the three have a narrow one like that but the plug is cut off and i would have to wire it up. here is a pic of the orange bulb in my latest light pic. the inside looks the same but the outside doesn't [​IMG]
  12. yup looks like an hps i'd google the model number on the bulb(if it has one) just in case but everything is showing hps besides the shape

  13. thanks a lot. i figured out why it is an odd shape. it's because the smaller bulb is a 70w bulb and the long one is 400w bulb so all i need to do is wire up the 400w bulb one and put it in use. would you suggest switching to the orange one right now or wait until it starts to bud?
  14. switch it now to the 400(if you have the ballast to run that) your plant will like the added light. what size pot is she in now?
  15. It's in a 5lb protein tub (I don't know if you know how big that is) I'm thinking of making a switch to a 3 1/2 gallon bucket in a couple of weeks. the one plant is 8'' and the other is at 7''. I'm wiring up the plug right now to use the 400w one. the lights are from an industrial power plant here in Utah and my dad got them because they threw them out so i think each little box has it's own built in ballast. here are some pics of the setup.
  16. 5 gallon buckets for 2ish dollars at home depot
    22 dollars for a new bulb
    i posted some links to things you can get at home depot which will be beneficial to you ;) for the buckets drill some drain holes at the bottom. transplant your plants into that veg for another 2 weeks then flip em to 12/12 so they can flower. if your bulb lights up since they threw the lights out you might be interested in getting yourself a new bulb for 20 bucks you might get a lot more lumens(which the plants will like)
  17. all right thanks a lot I'll go buy the bulbs and buckets with in the next day or two this bulb doesn't work i'm hoping it does but i guess we'll have to wait and see. how much bud do you think I'll get from each one since they are only 8 and 7'' tall?

  18. dang those look nice did you top yours? and when did you top them if you did? My next grow i want to try two cronic seed i got from a sack of cronic to see how they do but i wanna get good and not fuck anything up with some actually good plants.
  19. yeah i topped one. at the 5th node

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