My HID Bubblegum SCROG Setup

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    Hi all!  This is my first HID grow and my first time posting here after lurking throughout my botanical adventures.  I am currently 28 days into flowering since I switched over my light cycle.  
    Here is my current setup:
    IMG_20131101_194106_872.jpg IMG_20131101_212647_075.jpg
    The current residents are 2 Bubblegum 7 clones from Natures Best Alternative Medicine in Denver in 5 gal smart pots and 1 clone taken from the top of one of the originals in a 3gal.  The 2 big girls both entered the tent on the 1st of November and vegged for about 2 months.  All are potted in a bagged coco coir, perlite mix that I can't for the life of me remember the brand name of.  It also contains some other 5 or 6 additives.  I wasn't sure if the third would be completely grown out but there seems to be adequate space for now.
    My feeding regime consists of these products:
    Currently the 2 big girls are taking in about 1500 ppm of the CNS Ripe.  The little girl is at about 900 ppm.  I was lightly supplementing them with the Grow in the first weeks of flowering for a boost of N.  Feeding the Earth Blast every 2 weeks, and about a tablespoon of molasses every watering.  I have fed every time I've watered since the beginning.  
    There seems to be a light discoloring going on on the new growth of my back right lady.  I ph to 5.8 every watering and allow ~20% runnoff.  If anyone has opinions on the cause of this or any other helpful opinions I am completely ears.  I have learned so much from this community and appreciate any thoughts.
    Also I have been trying to minimize the amount of popcorn that will grow and am not sure how long into flowering it is safe to remove vegetation and new buds from underneath the canopy.  
    IMG_20140201_144607_981.jpg IMG_20140127_191836_674.jpg
    UPDATE:  Day 34 of 12/12 Lighting
    Not too much to update.  The two big girls are taking in ~1500ppm, little one is at around 900ppm.  I think I will keep these levels.  
    UPDATE:  Day 47 Flower
    Smell has really kicked in and is very sweet.  I can't decide how to do my final flush.  I have heard multiple opinions, so if anyone has any advice I'm all ears.
    IMG_20140221_191534_170.jpg IMG_20140221_191557_335.jpg
    IMG_20140221_191715_812.jpg IMG_20140221_191746_978.jpg


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  3. Nice going! 600w is quite a bit for a 3x3 space. How are your temps?
    My 400w in 4x4 is pretty happy, but I keep a good eye on it.
  4. It actually isn't too bad. Max temps are around 82 but its usually around 75. I have also concluded, hopefully correctly, that the light coloring on the right girl is from light bleaching. Backed the light off to 18" and haven't seen any more discoloring so far.

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