my hermie with pics of shim

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  1. ok so i got few goods canadian seeds giong and some sweet bag seeds, been going for about a year now, just growing enough to keep myself in smoke. been working out great, so now one of my canadians has hermi-ed on me. light leaks im sure (by reading on the forums) havent had this problem yet but now i have a dilema. i need to keep the hermie (if it buds right) to keep my smoke suppy intact. so here are my questions, i need answer to all please.

    #1 - will this hermie continue to flower? correctly?
    #2-will the clones i have in pics and the seeds off this hermie be hermies also?
    #3- if the hermie doescontinue to flower will it still make regular nice female buds? - with nuts?

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  2. bump : need help

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