My herb and pipe pics...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Twilight360, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. A quarter I bought tonight...

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  2. Same herb with my bowl...

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  3. some bud thats long gone:(

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  4. my spoons:)

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  5. My bong

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  6. Ready to smoke...

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  7. A quarter is 7 grams.. and that shit is stemmy as hell. You got ripped on the quarter, hope you didn't pay no more than $60 for that, but looks like some dank mid :D
  8. Ahem...

    I smoked a bowl after I bought it. Is .3 grams such a difference to comment? The bud actually isn't stemmy at all, you just see that one bud that I was ripping apart to pack my bowl because its in the middle of the picture, bud has to have a little stem to grow doesn't it? Bleah...trolls, what can you do?
  9. Damn you got the shit!
  10. That quarter looks sorta Shwagish, no seeds I hope.
  11. Those are some nice nuggets! I don't believe people are calling them mids and 'schwagish' ...don;t listen to em.
  12. Thanks thccrystals:)

    I wasn't listening to them in the first place, they are not here to take a little hit and feel blazed. Its not the most dank stuff I've smoked but it is pretty potent. I think 420 Shade is right, more sativa, trippy and energetic high.

  13. do i dectet a hint of jealousy? :)

    that doesn't look shwagish by any means, no matter who you are
  14. yeah dont listin to them thats some real nice bud you got there, and you have a real nice paraphanelia collection. btw what magazine is that?
  15. ^^^Current Issue of High Times
  16. where are you guys from? No offense, the bud looks damn good, but around here a quads at least 7.5 and dont have so many stems.. how much do you pay for that?

  17. where u get that nice scale?
  18. oh so pretty
    i wanna blaze out youur bong man
    cant i get a nug
    blaze one with ur boy

  19. Damn man.. i want some...

    and those are not shwag buds to me they look Mmmm mmmm good...
  20. fenian: A quarter ounce weighs 7 grams, if you're getting hooked up fat, cool, but 7.5 grams is not a quarter ounce. Again, the stem you are refering to is the bud I was tearing apart...the rest of the picture has no stems!!! The big stem is the focal point of the picture, so your eye is drawn to it, the only stems I get in my bag are the ones surrounded in Maybe the stems are a little long connected to the buds but if I were a bitch l could have chopped them off because I picked the 1/4 out of the bag and weighed it myself.

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