My heart is in an Ice Age

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  1. Bring it back to a place of warmth. Post your most heart wrenching stories that force empathy from my pores.
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  2. [​IMG]

    A lesson my Gramps used to tell me;

    90% of what folks worry about never happens.
    The other 10% worrying never changed it.
    Sometimes you need to pick your dick out of the dirt,
    and declare "I messed up, but have learned something.
    Let's continue on from this.

    I added this later in life;
    If worrying is still present;
    Write down the issue on the left side of your notepad.
    Write down the solutions or options on the right.

    Still keeping you awake? Look at the pad.
    Need to change or modify anything?
    If not, goodnight, go to sleep.

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  3. I've witnessed so much fucked up shit as an adult that I don't really feel anything anymore.. other than Anger. :cool:

    Of course, Alcohol, weed, energy drinks, noodles, etc. have allowed me to experience joy I otherwise wouldn't experience while sober.
  4. noodles... :D
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  5. Salt is a known anti-depressant.. msg is a flavour-enhancer. Noodles are the c**** of food. ^^
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  7. this evokes some special memories, im so glad you posted it.

    what does a mean?
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