my heart is dead and i need some help...

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  1. i feel in love when i was 18( im now 28) . Not with a girl but with my dog sky. she has been with me through the hard times (parents deaths) , good times, everything. she is the only other permanint resident in my home. she loved to watch me fiddling in the woods growing, smoking, contumplating. i would always give her the organs to the deer and turkey i shot. every morning we had a ruteen to walk throught the trails on my land. i would smoke, she would chase small game it was a blast, sometimes we would do it for hours. well i came back from my neighbours house and right away i knew somthing was wrong. she didnt walk to the end of the porch like EVERY time i came home. i found her laying on her bed next to the sofa. she wasnt breathing. i knew this time would come but i didnt think it would hurt so bad. i felt so cold and lonely. i have a young puppy of hers named LUX (haha) to comfort me but she had a place in my heart that nothing can ever fill.

    im asking all of you to smoke one in her memory.... ive desided that EVERYDAY im going to visit her under her tree by the river. and smoke a j and talk to my baby girl just like she never left.
  2. that really sucks :(

    i had a dog of mine die this past year, i didn't even see her, i just knew it happened somehow (kinda like some weird ESP kinda deal, i dunno) i was asleep when it happened but when i woke up i just knew.. somehow.

    anyways i'll definitely be blazin one up tonight in her memory =/
  3. im really sorry to hear that bro... shes in a better place now. ill deffinatly toke up in memory of sky.
  4. sry bro honestly the last time i cried was like 7 yrs ago when my dog died of cancer i feel for you bro and will def smoke one up for your dog RIP what kind of dog was it ?
  5. ^^ blue eyed austrailian sheaperd.... i cant even think about her without tearing up... ive visited her like 5 times today... talkin to her really helps
  6. Ill smoke one for you tomorrow.
  7. i got you. i constantly worry about the day my dog wont be with me anymore. scares the hell outa me. this bowls for you
  8. thats really sad to hear, but its nice u have one of her puppies
    ill smoke for her as soon as i can (1-2 weeks)
  9. I have had a dog since I was born, and it sucks each time one dies. I feel your pain. Smokin one right now for her.
  10. I will definitely be smoking a bowl for her, and for you. Sorry for your loss. :(
  11. awwh man, thats no good. I'm sorry! I'll chief a bowl for sure
  12. Next time I'm able to smoke, I'll definitely toke up in memory of her.
    My dog, Sparky, died in October.
    I came home from a highschool playoff football game and knew something was wrong. My mom told me my dad had taken my dog to be put down. I guess he was sick and started throwing up blood and shitting blood. Man I miss him so bad, he was 15 too, he was my dog since I was 5 and that was hard to cope with. I've wanted to get one since but haven't.
  13. My cat died (assumedly) a little while back, so I know your pain. These next few geebs are for Sky.

    Remember that the weight of our souls is measured by those who carry them. You two will still be just as close as ever.
  14. Its 1:30 AM and I just smoked a joint for that:D:wave:
  15. Feel better man... i can only imagine.

    I've lost my cats before, but the attachment that can grow between a dog and a human is unlike anything i've ever experienced before.
    I have a dog of 7 years now, golden retriever... and even though I've still got a long time with her, it depresses the LIVING FUCK out of me that I won't be able to love my dog for the rest of my life.

    I feel like she and I understand eachother like no other two creatures can-- and while I know that this is a very misleading feeling, it still consumes me.

    I love my dog... dude I'm gonna smoke one for you, and may you and your puppy grow as close as you can. While another dog will never fill that special place in your heart for your dog, at least you get to look forward to the development of a new man - dog relationship and always keep a special place in your heart for your girl.
  16. Not sparkin' up or anything, and definitely not trying to start another retarded Cat Vs. Dog flamewar, but as a cat lover, I must vouche for my side and say that cats make sick companions too.

    but this thread isn't about this, and I'm just ripped.

    RIP Sky.
  17. up goes one for the best of them.
  18. losing a dog sucks. keep your head up having a pup really helps too.
  19. I'm gonna hate it when MY dog dies. Dogs are definately cooler than most humans.
  20. OP Im sorry for your loss, I know that it can just tear us apart when our beloeved pets pass on, but take comfort in the fact that she is no longer suffering, and who knows maybe she is watching you.

    Remember the good times you had, you loved her and she loved you, and Im sure she knew that.

    its gonna take some time and you know it, but if talking where she is resting helps you, then by all means do it.

    and for the new pup, of course she wont be replacing Sky, theres always gong to be a special place for Sky, but mabye think of it this way, a part of Sky is in the puppy, and this is a great way for you two to make new memories.

    Hang in there.

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