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my health...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sayyouhavemoney, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking everyday for about 2 years now. when i quit smoking cigs a year ago i coughed up black. Then it stopped. Lately ive begun to cough up clear phlegm, and my sinuses seem full of phlegm as well. I'm now coughing as if I was sick, but im not, my throat is just raw and making mucus. I smoke out of a bong I made from a plastic juice bottle. (The actual part I put the bud in and light up is a metal piece from an old bong.) WHat can I do to stop this mucusy buildup? I don't want to stop smoking weed; this is so far the only annoyance ive had. Please help [​IMG]
  2. stop smoking. either invest in a vaporizer or start making edibles
  3. stop smoking out of a plastic juice bottle...
  4. This happens to me aswell, it's usually just mucus from allergys and they only last like a week at most then go away for awhile, but consulting a doctor could be a good thing to do (about allergys/sinuses if you haven't already)
  5. if plastic is no good in general why would it be good to smoke out of -_- im going to dust off the vaporizer. thanks.

  6. It sure sounds like you're sick... what are you basing your conclusions on? Smoking pot doesn't make your throat raw except for like a half hour after taking a really harsh hit, but a sore throat will make your throat raw, so what exactly makes you think you aren't just sick?
  7. admittedly im a bit strange about pot. Its like everything is going so well now that i smoke i have to question it. sometimes my thorat is just sore or im sick, but ive noticed when i smoke, I get severe coughing fits just seconds later. So i assume its pot related.

  8. Well, it's bad to blindly assume things like that. I would try taking smaller hits so it doesn't make you cough. You might just have harsher weed than before, which happens. Some weed just makes you cough more than others and you have to take smaller hits to avoid it. If your throat is remaining sore long after you smoke, then you should try your doctor because you're probably sick. The coughing isn't necessary an indicator that it's affecting your health negatively, especially right after you smoke, because it's a bronchodilator and the abrupt opening of you airways can make you cough. If it's harsh then the heat/smoke can irritate the back of your throat a little. In that case, you can get some cold water and take a drink before and after every hit. That should keep your throat from getting too irritated.
  9. I'll definitely try all this. I'm ordering a new hose but will take smaller hits til it arrives. i hate the spitty nasty feeling and a bunch of water in the bong makes me feel better, but really its not that purified right?

  10. I don't know if passing the smoke through water purifies it much at all. Obviously is removes a little of something, hence the water getting nasty, but I don't think it's by any means purified. Hot water in your bong will also make your hits smoother.
  11. i liked the simplicity of my bong :/ didnt have to be near an outlet or cook. do the cons of smoking outweigh the good of pot?
  12. its most likely that plastic. invest in a good glass bong, or if you think you're gonna break it then use an acrylic one. Get a vaporizer if you have the money too, MFLB is the best for portability and the Volcano is the best for home use.
  13. i had a vaporgenie but all that does is burn your face!
  14. I wouldn't recommend the vaporgenie, the best one for portability is the MFLB.
  15. get a vaporizor (highly recommend) mine works great!! i swear by it.

    or get a real bong, glass... dont smoke through plastics its a bad idea
  16. I too have been having problems like sayyouhavemoney's. I've been smoking for 3 (and a half) years but only at the beginning of this year did I begin to notice allergenic symptoms like coughing, mucus in the throat/nose, and sore throat (most likely due to the mucus) after smoking. Since I started noticing these symptoms I've been smoking most frequently from a glass bowl and joints.

    My most recent problem was when I went to the beach for a week with my family (I do this every year) and we smoked (and drank-not sure if that's relevant) 5 out of the 7 days (j's all the same strand of bud). After that for about a week I had a cough so bad I wasn't able to go to sleep without cough medicine, dry cough mostly. 2 weeks later things completely subsided. Because of this I hadn't smoked until 4 days ago, the night of the 10th. I smoked 1 joint. Not even enough to get me too high. I made sure not to cough (though I think I did once). The next morning I noticed a dry cough, nothing terrible but it was present nonetheless, the morning of the 12th I woke up with mucus in my throat and have had a sore throat ever since and a cough.

    I should be just fine in a couple of days but I *think* this can be directly attributed to smoking weed. Note that I know I am not currently sick nor have I been during this summer. I was tested for allergies this summer and was negative across the board.

    Can anybody shed some light on this or collaborate with me? Also good luck with your symptoms sayyouhavemoney.

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