my health teacher...

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  1. ...probably smokes pot. haha, its cool. in all seriousness, we were going over drug addiction and he nicely pointed out that marijuana is barely mentally addicting and the fact that nobody's overdosed on weed. this might sound like a stereotype, but he also listens to music like marley and the string cheese incident and g love, bands associated with pot. it was cool though because he didnt feed everyone the bullshit about it that everyone else does.
  2. Sweet, most of the teachers in my skool who actually talk about pot, just peddle the bullshit info that the government gives them.....
  3. Same her man. I usually fucking hate health teachers.
  4. i almost forgot...he gave us this handout and there was this hilarious drawing. there was this real hippy looking cartoon, the guy had one of those wavy mouths, and his shirt said "smoke it" with a leaf on it. i was laughing, it was great.
  5. This has nothing to do with any of this but at newbury comics i saw Chongs twin checking out some CDs. Made me laugh.

  6. hes teaching you the right facts! these are all correct facts! ...he knows about the like to sit in on this class.

    these are the teachers, educators that need to be recognized.

    if I were you, and I was lol highschool??! go ahead and strike up a convo after class with him, on that personal level. (not with your buddies stragglin behind you) even if its something like, is that true? (be interested! lol id wanna push his buttons too!) Id bet the bank that if you are true about him, he will be happy to inform you more :)
    who isnt a weed lover that just loves to talk about weed?
    i bet he cant give you more than an A+++ in the course, for showing that extra interest!

    LOL or maybe he can! exactly how cool is he? lol .... ;)
  7. My photography teacher is a bud head. His eyes are red, he forgets what hes doing and what day it is. Hes always in a hurry to get to the lunch line. Hes a pretty cool guy though.
  8. My health teacher was a pot head...I know this because I asked her one day. When we would do research on drug facts and stuff she would never assign anyone to research marijuana because she knew most of the shit in those books isn't true, or isnt the whole truth. But yah, one day we were having a discussion on drugs and stuff and some kid who is like a devout catholic (nothin against catholics...but some of them need to chill out) who was sayin, "Why dont you ever talk about marijuana? (he actually called it that, and he said it with a disgusted tone and look), "Its just as bad, if not worse than other drugs." I dont really remember her response, but I could almost tell from that that she toked it up. So after class I asked her if she had ever smoked pot, and she said yes...and then I went a little farther, I put on my I do it too grin, and asked "So, you still do it?" (I also said it like, umm, I dunno how I said it, but it implied that I did it too :D) and she said..."Who wants to know?" With this big ole grin...and I'm like "HEHE! Just someone who is...interested...hehe" So yah, right before the kids from the next class started comin in she said "Yes, but no one else hears about this right???? And yes, it is pretty obvious that you do it..."
  9. ^^^
    dope story...wish that happened to me..i'd have blazed with her
  10. lol, my health teacher was so cluless!! she never wanted me to talk in class, id always proove her wrong, and one day she told us to go to bullshit, she didnt know the anserws to my questions.... so she gave people that site, i laughed and sad the site was full of it.. god she pissed me off
  11. yea dude one of my football coaches is a pothead i can tell he always wears pink floyd shirts and stuff like that and has long hair and is like a hippy
  12. straightedge2lose

    I cant stand people who look down on us for smoking, specially when they never tried it.

    Oh yeah, and i was standing out side after work waiting for a ride, and one of the waitresses came out to make a call on her cell, so she calle sup her friend and is like, me and cheri (another waitress) are going, somewhere i couldnt tell what she said, to pick something up, do you want me to get you anything? at first i thought they were going to grab some grub, but then i thought about it for a second and realized we worked at a fucking restaurant with kick ass food. So then she talked for a little while and shes like yeah im getting like an eig-- 30 dollars worth, realizing i was there. made me laugh. i wanted to say something but i didnt.
  13. Had a case in every newspaper and TV-news:

    Teacher got sacked because he told the class (while the cops cad their annual "Drug Class" or what you call it) that mj wasn't physically addictive, only mentally. He took this up to the highest court and got his job back. They ruled that he didn't do anything wrong. Just told the truth.
  14. I dunno about it being addictive, but ever since I went dry my appetite has dropped to waayyyy less than that before I actually had smoke. I can't even eat 2 cheeseburgers now! wtf?! Plus, I got some badass insomnia from hell now
    I go dry for 7 months, smoke for 3 weeks, then go dry again...makes me really notice this shit.

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