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  1. So in my sophomore year of High School I took a Health class. We got around to the drug part of it and I could just feel that they were going to say a bunch of lies about pot.
    We go through the whole class talking about Crack, Cocaine, and other hard drugs. Someone says "well what about marijuana?" That's when the teacher got a huge grin on his face. He then said "Basically, Marijuana is artificial happiness, and I'll leave it at that for today"

    Best Health class ever.
  2. Cool starry bra
  3. rofl when the drugs video in my health class got to the marijuana part, the first thing that was said was "marijuana kills brain cells" in a dark spooky voice, of course i was baked and promptly burst out in laughter
  4. cool teacher bro
  5. When I was in 7th grade they told us that one J did as much damage as 5 cigarettes, gateway drug, gives you cancer,etc. When I asked about medical marijuana(I live in Nevada and this happens to be one of the MMJ states.)they tried to play dumb responding with "what, theres no such thing it doesnt help with anything".Bullshit right?
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    That's cool that you had a chill Health teacher. I took Health my sophomore year of High School. My teacher was chill, but when it came to the drug portion of the class, we were fed a bunch of bullshit propaganda; such as: Smoking a joint is equal to smoking five or six cigarettes.

    I had smoked only a few times prior to this unit, though was aware that what I was being told was indeed false information. I knew exactly what they wanted me to say, resulting in my receiving 100% on my Marijuana quiz; laughing on the inside at our school's intentional misguiding and the sheer irony of the situation.

    Our high school's want us to be "well informed" for the world ahead of us. But once that microscopic threshold of fear tactics has been crossed. and the student realizes what they've been told is a lie, than what is to keep them from not believing what is said of "hard drugs"? (which also contains elements of propaganda) The contradiction is so incredibly blatant, yet unapparent to so many...
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    word. +r

  8. pretty creepy brah

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