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My health and weed.. please help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by khanage, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

    i am nearly 19 years old.. I have been smoking almost daily for about 2 years now... i think i really started because i wanted to get away from the stress i had (braking up with GF, family split ups/deaths etc all at the same time) I totally forgot about school and my only concern was about when I am next getting high... i got to a point where i felt like there was nothing more to live for (total loss of motivation) I also developed paranoia and anxiety prety bad. (all the typical symptoms of weed not going your way)

    I began to miss school and go to the park on my own... smoke weed and sit there for hours on end..with no future plan of what is going to happen next of my life.. and felt completely fine... The world started feeling very hazey and dull.. and coudnt make friends.. i was very paranoid and used to think everyone is laughing at me (mabey early symptoms of schizophrenia.. thats how different my mind felt!!!!)

    I havent smoked for about 3 days and i feel depressed and shit... i am trying to keep occupied by listening to and making music.. exercising.. chilling with friends... etc.. But i dont know if I will regain my sharpness and be as lively.. I guess i just got TOTALLY BURNT OUT... because when i get high now i just stop talking and STRUGGLE to get the giggles...

    I was smoking top bud (silver haze,cheese,ak etc) so thats probably why it got to my head so much (especially with proper chedder cheese)

    So heres a few questions from what iv said..

    What would you guys advice for me to do?
    Do you think weed is for me or not for me?
    Do you think I will regain my sharpness?
    Is it just maturity?
    Was i experiencing early signs of schizophrenia?

    Thanks for ANY help that you guys can give...
  2. If your family has a history of schizophrenia, then smoking marijuana can aggravate that, it is proven. However mixing marijuana with depression and being unmotivated to get out of your situation seems more like whats going on here. Feeling like everyone is laughing at you and what not is common paranoia brought on by marijuana and most likely that than schizophrenia.

    Is marijuana for you? You seemed to have answered your own question already. It may be with time, but for now it is not. I found myself in this situation 2 months ago. Once you feel like weed is more of a hinder than a help, it is time to take an extended break. Check out the tolerance break support thread, it's got some great advice.

    Detox sucks. It isn't easy to detox from marijuana. It's not the hardest thing, but it's not always fun. There are days you will feel really good and days you will feel like shit. You will get that "sharpness" back though. I'm still exceptionally forgetful and I haven't smoked weed for 10 weeks. I've always been a bit of a flake though. But the "cloud" will lift after about 3-4 weeks and you will feel significantly better.

    Take a break from weed is basically your best bet. You're letting it smoke you, not the other way around. Taking a step back is a good time to regain some clarity and control over your life. You won't regret it. If you want to smoke weed again, it is always there.. the world is not about to run out of marijuana. So taking a break for a few months will allow you to evaluate if you would like to recreate a healthier relationship with the herb or if it simply isn't for you.

    Good luck! The human mind is a strong thing when you give it the right tools to be.
  3. it could be that your going through a change of mind, i guess you could say that your maturing and don't know how to cope with the change except with cannabis.

    cannabis can help you with this through moderation, if you smoke'd daily, smoke twice a week. make goals and reward yourself with cannabis, right now it seems as if you just need a "goal" of some kind to keep your mind focused off of the dullness and stresses of this world.

    your young like me(21) and its hard to cope with the new world and the stresses of the new world. i mean you were just baby'd and taken care of your whole life and now that you see that all you have known is disappearing slowly and that you have to take lead instead of having the parents lead.

    its possible that you are going through a phase, but there is also other possibilities.

    this could be your mind being confused on the sudden change of what you perceived life to be like.

    welcome to the sucky world friend :wave: hope you get happier soon :smoke:
  4. skyhighmornings what you said is i think is definately true.. I dont have a family history of schizo.. i think i just need a T-break.. I now am going to detox for as long as i can and just stick to weekends when getting high from now on.. i dont think i can really go wrong doing that..

    BalkanCommie That is so true.. I feel like im no longer the baby and my parents are starting to give me more space and treating me like an adult.. not really used to it but thats life i guess

    This thread has put a smile on my face and has really made me think about life and motivated me to stick with my T-break..

    Thanks alot for your messages :)
  5. im 19, been smoking for 4 years. pot is there to enhance, if u use it 24/7 there is nothing to enhance. just put the pipe down for a bit if ur that serious about it.
  6. yeah thats what im doing just going to take a t-break :) and its the spliff im my case!! hehe

  7. ouch! i cant do spliffs it gives me a headache from the tobacco, even as a kid if i was around cigarette smoke id get a headache.

    have you try's anything else besides spliffs?
  8. If you need to escape reality just because of everyday things such as breakups and death than you need to put the pipe down and re-evaluate your life.
  9. I don't think Cannabis is the greatest treatment for psychological and mental instabilities. If you're using it to escape these sorts of problems, you're likely to depend on them. The same goes for anti-depressants, the only difference being that they're not natural, I wish I'd never been put on them because I've never learnt to manage my own problems on my own, and I'm scared to go off them now.

    I do recall a few months back the 'cloud' in your head that you are describing and the T-break is the best thing for it. Just make sure that if you do come back to smoking, use it as an enhancer and not as a form of escapism, you need to teach that to yourself and do it by yourself.
  10. Yeah dude you should chill with the weed for a while. Go join a club or a get into a sport or something, maybe see your doctor and tell them all this except with the weed part lol, and see what they say. I used to be like you and only care about the next time i smoked, but i kind of found a way to turn weed itself into a social activity, something to do with friends because of how it just brings people together for discussion and getting things out on the table. Talk to some of your buddies, or get a bunch of them together and smoke. What you really need to do most, is just chill. shits gonna be alright bro
  11. Thanks for the comments guys appreciated

    its now been 4/5 days of quitting and feeling slightly better but i definitaly still feel cloudy... is this normal?

    and id also like to mention that before i started smoking.. i could never sit at home on the computer when the suns out or my friends are out... but when i started i was just a couch potato and never cared about anything around me and im still like that because im detoxing.. is this normal? do you guys experience the same thing when you are smoking daily?

    Thanks :)
  12. I'm going to check your shared info later,
  13. Dude whys there so many paro people on here. You obv have bigger problems with your life then marijuana. You shouldn't blame weed, but more take a t-break and sort your shit out for 6 weeks and start smoking again. Sounds like you have personal issues and using weed when having problems with your life. I do this quiet often, but I just learn to live with it man. Any one can stop smoking weed just use weed to get away from the real world but don't totally block your self out from it.
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