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  1. No, not wake-and-bake. Seed shopping. Looking for what to grow next, but it's overwhelming.

    I've grown Girl Scout Cookie, Bruce Banner, Afghan and Black Widow. Looking for something new to try. Probably about 90% edible / 10% vape mostly night time user. Love a head high, but also need something to help this old body sleep through the night.

    Any suggestions welcome.
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  2. I grow autos and I use indica for sleep and one of my favorite strains is Afghan Kush Ryder.
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    Thanks. Searching descriptions, it looks like that strain is something I’d like. Where do you buy your seeds?
  4. If I can buy from a Breeder, that is always my first choice. I haven't bought since Covid, but have used alibongo for the past several orders. They have been the fastest to the US. Previously I have used SeedSupreme, Herbies, Tru North (did not like lack of stock each time), Attitude (will not buy from them anymore), and a few others, but don't remember their names at the moment. Lots of vendor reviews to check out in here.
  5. I’ve ordered from Greybeards Seeds four times. I get them in a few days, $5 shipping, takes CC, great selection, low prices, and freebies. I really love NL. It’s a beautiful Indica strain and covered in trichomes, so good for edibles. It’s the best strain I’ve ever had for pain mgmt., and it’s really chill.
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  6. Only 1 run here. Pure Gelato from Vision Seeds. Works great for pain, but not a lot of help as far as sleep inducing. Looked indica, feels more sativa. Doesn't get me sleepy like indicas usually do.
  7. What’s your seed budget?
  8. Check out Gtreat Lakes Genetics, they have Bodhi Seeds, fire genetics for sure. 20200919_130556.jpg

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  9. As a rule, I don’t go much over $100 for my first purchase from a new bank as a way to personally vet them. With a solid recommendation, that number could be flexible.
  10. I’ve spent some time browsing the Great Lakes website. They have a good reputation and selection. What Bodhi strain would you recommend?
  11. Ethos has some fire for $60/ 5pk fems. People talk shit about them but Ive run 4-5 strains from them and been really impressed.
    Solfire gardens is a good one in that price range too.
    Cannarado genetics is awesome too, might be my favorite breeder. $80-100 a pack
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  12. Area 51 has a good sale section lots of $50 from exotic genetix, they’re regs great deal though
    Grease monkey or any of its crosses from them would be a great for sleepy time. Their stuff is tasty too
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  13. I bought ti much. Had a problem during the lockdown. Not looking to make money. Just get what I put in. I got way killer under 100 and sense I'm coming at you I'll put my ass on the line first. Hope your safe and having a great grow.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. Greybeard seeds have given me really great seeds with 100% germination with the ones I got.
  15. holy crap
  16. shiva skunk would not dissapoint.

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