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  1. Life is so awsome. Its such a outstandingly great and profound thing at its fundamentals, so mysterious! And the fact we are all doomed. Imagine being in a grave, really picture it. Can you imagine, that that is infact where we are all headed, maybe today, maybe next week. Maybe, and likely for fourtunate westerners in 50 years. And yet in reality, a the grandest triumph of nature, the people of earth, on the whole ignores this fact. Religion has turned most into humble servants, and convincend them against taking ones life as it really is for nature. They believe they will be immortal! As they believe there is an after life.

    This is reality, can you believe it? And the people who understand what their existance really is, who truly comprehend death and understand its compulsion to change their perspective on life, are forced to live with these reptiles!

    I'm trying to live my life, and I always feel so supressed, I cannot be as nonconformist as I'd like to be, or I will be unreasonably ridiculed. Exactly like Socrates. Every naturalist is like Socrates in that way. We are all forced to live with people who would ridicule us for trying to live aligned with the truth.
  2. So are you against reptilians?
  3. I'm against ignorant people in power, through majority.
  4. Why? They earned it.

    You know they did, they didn't magically appear in power.
  5. No they did not. Religious people didn't earn power, they stumbled into it.
  6. I doubt it.

    They know what they're doing.

    Anyways, yeah it's a shame they're in power and not me.
  7. I completely understand everything you are saying.. I came across a great quote from an even greater man one time.

    “I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.”
    Jimi Hendrix

    The quote is not only a plea against the oppressive force that is our government, but it is also a pure and truthful statement that represents every single fucking creature on this planet... DO you think ANYONE wants to be pushed around and forced to fuckin flip fries for a minimum wage job for the rest of my miserable existence on this shithole we call earth..? Hell no!
  8. Just would like to say, no one truly comprehends death. No one on Earth can prove what comes after death. So that statement is flawed.

    This also goes for the people who say that death brings nothingness, like before you where born. That would be a example of claiming to know what happens after death, which is impossible.

    By the way, wtf did you mean when you equated certain humans to "reptiles".

    The fuck?
  9. [ame=]15. The nature of death (cont.); Believing you will die - YouTube[/ame]


    Your point is refuted.
  10. Eh, non-conformity's a silly concept. You're still conforming to the concept of non-conformity if you follow it, creating a paradox that almost always results in a confused person with no solid or decent philosophy. Just be who you are, if aspects of that 'conform' to what or whomever then so be it. I always think individualism is the best way to go. Playing around with whether you're 'conforming' or not is adolescent

  11. I got that quote on my desktop, ha. I see what your saying OP, it really is amazing, but just like the quote says, let other people live the lives they want to, you cant stop it anyway. Do your own thing and if people talk down on you just keep your head high, cause in the scheme of things, it doesnt even matter.

    I for one am the kind of person that HOPES theres an afterlife, a good one, but what do i know? There might be, there might not be, but it is my optimism, you dont have to share it if you dont want to.
  12. My point was not refuted by him, of course you cant physically hear/see after death, but how can he say there is no possibility of the conscience living on, and possibly gaining new senses?

    You can't deny the possibility of the conscience in some way transferring to a different form of existence upon death. And you can't deny the possibility of nothingness.

    All that guy did was claim to know what happens after death, which is impossible.
  13. what what in the butt?


    to change the world one must change myself.

    so this means im just talking to myself

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