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My head feels funny

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by trounced, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. I just started smoking weed again after a long cessation for a couple years and my head feels weird every time I smoke.  Its not like I don't enjoy smoking it at all because I am still smoking it.  I just am wondering if maybe that's just what happens after a few years.  Or maybe that's all just a part of growing up.  I'm only 25 but maybe at a certain point in your life your brain chemistry changes.

  2. These forums are messed up, it posted my thread three times.
  3. Your a stoner. I'm 24 and smoke every 2 hours. Does wonders for my adhd. (Sativas help me best) you just have a constant buzz going. Maybe I read wrong though.
  4. That funny head feeling is the main reason to smoke weed.
  5. It actually started a couple months ago, and last night I actually got it coupled with a body feeling.  It feels like I'm all full of nothing.  Its very hard to describe its like I don't have any weight to me.  Like last night it felt like my bones and muscle were all I could feel.  Everything else inside of me like my organs and stuff felt like they weren't there.
  6. Exactly. I love when i talk to myself and analyze everything i do or think in my head

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  7. Sounds somewhat like headband.

    Probation Sucks!
  8. LOL I have been smoking for 40 years and a couple of years is not a "long cessastion"
    You're head is supposed to feel funny. That's why we smoke it.

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