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my harvestt.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by buZZiin, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. suup guys, this is the ONE bud i got from my plant. i fucked the plant up in so many ways, and just decided to let it do its thing. and this is what i ended up with. id have to say it got me GASEDD. the final weight was .3 of a gram. and it got 3 people highh.


    ....TO THAT :smoke:
  2. nice bud tho
  3. thankkks mannn.
  4. how did you eff it up so bad? lol

    although the tiny bit you got off of it looks decent
  5. Lol at that plant.
  6. God, I love you for posting this.
    You get what you get. Love it or leave it.

    Edit: BTW I smoke all my popcorn nuggets, and I love it.
  7. lol thats hilarious.
  8. damn haha months of care for .3 of a gram, feels nice doesnt it
  9. root bound, light stunted the growth..ect. lol but thanks
    ya i knoww.
    thank you man, that is the way i feel about it, i didnt have to put nothing into it, jus tlet it grow!

    i dont see whats so funny..i got high as helll.

    it actually felt pretty good. :D
  10. plant gave it hell didnt it.
  11. #11 SVTSVT, Sep 20, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2009

    it was a very pretty bud.
  12. Do it again, and your guaranteed to yield more.
    Smokin your own home grown is always special
  13. whaa dee fark
    lol one plant one nug damn well hope it got u stoned.
  14. well im sure you learned a good bit. try again and hopefully you'll get more... i dont see how you could get any less... im not trying to nock you its just that ive never seen such a small harvest. usually even people who fuck up get like a half oz or so. do some more research and put more time and effort into it and you'll get a good bit.

    i give mad props to any one who grows regaurdless of their success.
  15. haha ya i thought that would get peoples attention.

    yea man, ima about to start i full indoor in about a week or two.

    yes i sureee did!

    ya man i dont know what happen. but ya i know a lot more now, imready to get growing again. but thanks bro.
  16. hey man,for a first plant.
    id be happy.
    good job broo:hello:
  17. thanks my niqqa Kush.:hello:
  18. Nice little bonzai
  19. Somethin is better than nothin, so nice job bro. Can't wait to see the next harvest!
  20. thanks man, i aprreciate it. and yes their will be a grow journal. :D

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