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    Hey Everyone,

    I've finally harvested my "big girl" that's been growing for 158 days. I got 2 and
    a half pounds of wet bud from her. Any guesses on dry weight? I'm hoping 8-10 oz
    dry. We will see :)

    Here are the pics:

    Here is the first pic. It was a big branch I cut off the plant
    and cleaned up:

    Here is a picture of it fully "processed":

    Here is a pic of the rest of the harvest, taken today:

    A close up of one of the buds.. Check out my thumb at the top, its a
    a little over an inch wide, so you can get an idea of how large the
    bud is:

    Here is the stalk, all the bud trimmed off:

    Here is my thumb next to the base of it:

    Here is a pic of my scissors, I broke them trying to cut the base:

    Here are three pics of the buds cleaned and all hanging up to dry:

    Just a piece of cardboard with a bunch of popcorn buds drying:

    Here is a picture of some kief that I made from some trimmings:

    And here is a picture of more trimmings that i'll turn into hash tomorrow:

    These will all dry for a few days then cure in large 64oz glass jars.

    Cant wait to get my next grow going in a few weeks!


  2. nice harvest, will look forward to seeing them dried :)
  3. Looks to be a nice harvest! Can you provide the details of your grow?
  4. Basically it was bag seed from a neighbor. Grew it under a 400W metal halide bulb during
    veg, and switched to a 400W high pressure sodium bulb during flowering.

    I added a 26W Ultra Violet Blue (UVB) light during the last three weeks. Worked GREAT!
    You can really tell the difference where the UVB was pointed. I'll be adding a 2nd UVB
    bulb during the entire flowering cycle on my next grow.

    Was grown in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I did a big no-no and fed her all chemical
    fertilizer. Miracle Gro 18-18-21 initally in veg, then 30-10-10, then switched to Miracle
    Gro 15-30-15 for flowering. I watered with a single drop of superthrive, and 1 tbsp of
    blackstrap molasses for every watering during flower.

    I flushed for one week prior to harvest. I also did not water for three days prior to cutting
    her down.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

    PS: I obtained a few grams of kief from the trim.. it's GRRRREAT :)
  5. so you got 2 and a half punds, off of 1 400 watt, and miracle grow for fertalizer??? y did you pick MG?
  6. Thats 2 and 1/2 pounds WET keep in mind. Dry, I don't know yet.. I'll let it dry for another
    day or two before getting a final weight. I am expecting to lose about 75% of that weight.

    I went with MG just because it was available and I'd had experience with it before. I know
    you can get better results with all organic, which I'll be using on my next grow. I can state
    that I had no issues with nute burn, the bud tastes fine, etc. I've been using MG products
    for YEARS in my legal gardening hobby and never had any issues.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  7. if your growing, can you just cut off a bud and smoke it, or do you have to wait till it drys.
  8. Definitely post that dry weight for us once you get it situated. I'm interested in seeing where you ended with the 400W HPS on a single plant.
  9. You can smoke it, kinda.. you will need to keep a lighter on it to smoke it and it wont be
    very good. It's best to let it sit out at least overnight or something to get it pretty dry.
    You can quick dry tiny buds inside of CFL bulbs but its easy to overdo it with that method.

    If I wanted to sample some MJ from a plant before harvest, i'd cut a bud off, chop the
    bud up with scissors and let the peices sit out for an hour or three. It'd be pretty dry by
    the time you wanted to smoke it.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  10. hopefully you can at least roll a blunt and load a bong bowl with that really shoulda tried a little harder

    ...envy, it does terrible things. great lookin shit man.
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    At first I was like .. wtf? .. then I realized you were being sarcastic! :)

    The product smokes nice.. doesn't go out, so I must have gotten rid of most of the nitrogen. I
    can say that it sure doesn't have much of a taste though, but it's smooth and mellow. The high is
    totally a head high, with a minor body buzz.. so its functional and gives me energy.


    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  12. Okay.. Final dry weight is 7.5OZ. I now have all the bud stored in three 64OZ air-tight
    latch-style jars to cure.

    I also harvested a few branches earlier and got an oz or two there, an OZ of dry trim for
    making kief, which I did, and got a few grams of.

    Not bad.. not bad.. I'd say I pulled ~9 dry OZ from her and got some hash! :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  13. really good job man. very interesting to see MG grows. You did a great job. Keep that green thumb green.
  14. 9 OZ's dry is phenominal off a 400W HPS grow with the conditions you listed above. You mentioned 158 days growing. How long did you let it veg for prior to switching to flowering? How big was the plant when you switched to 12/12 ?
  15. I've got no clue about growing but that looks great bro!

    Glad it worked out for ya, wish you luck on your next grow. Hopefully you can learn from mistakes and get some better shit. I'd try to have some quality seeds for your next one as well seein how this came out a beauty. :)
  16. Thanks, I am quite pleased with it too.

    I vegged for exactly 30 days before switching to 12/12. It was about two feet tall, maybe
    a little taller by an inch or two, maybe less. I did LST the top half of the plant.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  17. Harvest looks fantastic! If I may ask, what difference did you notice where you had the UVB bulb facing? More trichs? Fatter growth?

    Just curious to get some real feedback.

    Thanks man, keep it green! - OGH
  18. yes what exactly was the point of the UVB bulb

  19. The area the UVB light shone on matured quicker than the rest, for example, the
    tricomes within the UVB influenced area ambered up earlier than the rest of the plant
    and the hairs turned orange faster than the rest as well. I didnt notice any increase in
    the size of the buds, compared to the rest of the plant, just that it matured more
    rapidly and gives a stronger buzz, no doubt due to the higher ratio of amber:milky
    trichomes compared to the rest of the plant.

    I'll be keeping UVB on my plants for the next grow during the entire flowering cycle.
    This plant only got between two and three weeks worth of UVB.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  20. how many weeks did it take to flower? You seem to have come across a gem with that bagseed. Nice grow man

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