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My hands get sweaty when I pack a bowl..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jimbobbybob, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. So lately my hands have been getting sweaty right before I pack a bowl... Maybe it has to do with the great smell? But everytime I open the jar to put my bud in my grinder my hands start to sweat... I've been smoking regularly for the past 2 years and this just started maybe 2-3 weeks ago, anyone?
  2. why does it matter
  3. It just sounds like you get excited because you know that shits going to be awesome lol.
  4. Could be the temperature inside the jar, when you stick your hand down in there theres a temperature change and/or moist which can make your hand sweat if your sweat glands are sensitive...i just bullshitted that.....but seriously you probably get excited or temperature does change and your hand sweats
  5. Weed smell=sweaty hands was actually Pavlov's first attempt at classical conditioning...too far ahead of his time sadly.

    Either that or you got sum dat FIRE!!!!! Man my eardrums hurt when I crack the mason open cuz I'm rockin dat LOUD!!!! (back into the basement with my betamax collection)
  6. I guess it doesn't matter but was just wondering. But I'm starting to think it has to do with when I'm smelling it, but I don't remember if it happens before or after I smell the stuff....forgot haha go figure, if anyone knows for sure I still wouldn't mind knowing
  7. stop jerking off so much
  8. umm maybe wear gloves to absorb the sweat.....or put antiperspirant deodorant on your hands.
  9. Pack the bowl with your feet instead. That's the only other logical thing I can think of

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