My hand smells like piss..........

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Romalian06, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. HAve got to tell someone what I just did. I was about to pat my dogs paper so shell pee. And when I did It just fucking splahed in my fucking face and a couple drops in my mouth.
    Fortunately the taste is out of my mouth, but still on my right hand.:confused:
  2. Holy shit dude, I'd be traumatized.
    Thats terrible.
  3. Me to. Ive been seeing a therapist lately. Should I bring it up? I feel like I did something wrong.
  4. You patted your dogs what??
  5. Lol, you didn't do anything wrong. Just terrible terrible timing. Gotta make mistakes to learn.
    You can bring it up if it bothers you, but thats kinda irrelevant to your mental status(its really more of a what the fuck just happened?).
  6. Lol that's like something you would see in a movie. I'm sorry I know I would be pissed and wana throw up if this had happened to me, but I could not help myself from lauging.

  7. Fixed for ya ;)

  8. i also dont get it. what did you pat to make that happen?
  9. I think maybe he has a puppy and he set out newspaper in his dogs cage for his dog to piss in......haha idk
  10. They have the mats for your pets to go to the bathroom on so you don't have to take your pets out when it's cold or they can use that if you're not home. Pretty much, he was tryin to persuade his dog to use the mat, but it ended up it already had.
  11. WTF? Were you watching me?
  12. dont get mats!!!!

    one of my family members bought a puppy and was to lazy to walk it to go to the bathroom and tought it to pee on a pad. The dog is a couple years old and it still wont go to the bathroom outside. its sick pissing and shitting everywhere.

    just take it outside to go to the bathroom. If its to cold or just to lazy then shouldnt of took on responsibility.
  13. What are you talking about fucker? Its not like I put my hand in dog(s) piss on perpose!
  14. LOL! No, you stated this all in your original post. I just paraphrased it.
  15. haha:cool:
  16. Get out of here you troll, if you don't want to explain then stop bumping your thread.
  17. My bad I was mad earleir. Trust me Im not a troll. Nor do I know what 1 is.
    I didnt make you read it. Did I?
  18. It was already explained. But I will repeat.

    They manufacture mats for dogs to use when going outside isn't possible.
    You usually can't see that they have used them, as it soaks it up into something in the mat. OP went to pat the mat so his dog would go use it(possibly he thought the dog had to use the bathroom).
    The dog had already used the mat, so when he patted it, piss splashed all over him.

    How is this hard for you to understand?
  19. You like the taste?
  20. Wash yer freaking hands. Now you've been typing on the keyboard and it's gonna smell like dog piss too.

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