My hair= Fro?

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  1. We might have a problem people. Ya see, I have not cut my hair since April so it is getting longer. A possible problem is that my hair is incredibly thick and I am often teased about having a, "jew-fro". It is just simply very curly, thick and black. Does anyone have any tips on how to tame this thing? If you HAVE a so called, "jew-fro", does it ever stop growing up?:cool:

    It is like that, but about 2.5x the size and dark black.

  2. Dude, don't say that. We's gonna work this out baby. I promise I'll do better. Just gotta tell me what I's gotta do first, ya see?
  3. it will probably keep its "jew-froish" style till it gets too long and will have to fall to the side...i have a friend who can grow a jew-fro...but he keeps it short so u cant tell hes part jew ;)
  4. Keep it dude, my brother had like the same shit. Mad curly black hair that look like that picture. He grew that shit mad long then picked it out. Shit was the illest hair, we all used to toke up and then after u take a hit you would blow the smoke out of his hair. Shit looks so ill. :smoking:

    Fun fucking times man, do it! :smoke:
  5. It's all good bro, just rock that funkk :smoke:
  6. let it poof... i had a fro for a long time. wear it proud. get a fro pick to keep it fluffed....
  7. One of my friends used to have a fro, then he got it all buzzed off and he looks a lot better...try that, why not
  8. Become a rapper and name yourself "Yung Jew-Fro" and rock a Jewfro with a leather jacket and rebel against american politics.
  9. let's see it??
  10. Jew-Fros are sweet, I have a semi fro but I keep my cut short for the ladies. If you wanna tame it a little, the things you could do is blow-dry it after showers and straighten it if you really want to. Kinda time consuming and pointless imo tho, wear it loud wear it proud
  11. So what you are saying is that you have fucking awesome hair.
  12. you should let your hair grow long and then wear it like this

  13. dude shave that shit, it looks gay as fuck

  14. Inspiration.
  15. Nothin' wrong with a fro, not in the least. My hair tends to look eerily similar to my avatar pic

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