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My guy simply calls it PURPS

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by AllAboutTheBUD, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. Yeah, every month or so my guy will give me the word that hes got a fresh shipment of PURPS coming in. And the best part is... $30 for a 3.2 gram 1/8th! He lowered the price for me, because i am his number one customer.... gotta love those weed dealin homies! So what do you think of her?

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  2. Looks pretty nice...what the taste like?
  3. we getb stuff like that here....very dense.....but a lil more of a purple twinge....he just calls it purple too....good earthy tasting budd... gets ya nice and high....
  4. the taste believe it or not...tastes like purple pez. Very sweet and almost sugary. Different from anything i have tried before.
  5. Hum I always thought an eighth was 3.5 grams... actually I'm pretty sure it is.

    Either way, that's some sweet looking bud, I've yet to try any of those "sweet flavored" buds that everybody talks about, like bubblegum, the best bud I've smoked was Purple Kush.

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