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  1. Yeah, I was drunk.

    Sloppy Joe.

    Oh well.

    [ame=]YouTube - Shit[/ame]
  2. First of all turn your guitar and amp up. No matter what you''l play it'll sound shitty if you don't set up accoridingly. And second try slowing down and adding some distortion, either using the bridge or neck pick up, or if your trying to play metal the middle pick up. And post a video of you when your not drunk. You may be a good guitar player, but if your not so good don't use being drunk as an excuse. I'm not trying to be a dick, just trying to help you. And try using the pentatonic scale. It's easy and always makes you sound better than you really are. What kind of guitar and amp are you using?
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    First of all, I know how to set my amp. I understand the difference between clean and distortion. I'm playing clean because I'm recording with my Blackberry and I figured hearing notes would be better than hearing static.

    I don't need to sound better than I am considering I've been playing for nine and a half years now.

    A pentatonic scale is a "type" of scale it's not a song. There are modes different to it. There are also major and minor pentatonic scales.

    I'm playing a Schecter S-1 Elite with EMG-HZs through a shitty Ibanez 25watt.

    Notice how I didn't say I was trying to play anything.
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    Why have your guitar and amp so low then? And i said pentatonic scale, i never said you were trying to play a song. I was just tryig to help you out, but your a little to defensive, so i say best of luck to you. And just because you have been playing nine years doesn't mean your a pro, or you can't learn a thing or to.
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    So it's not all distorted. I'm recording it with a cell phone. Didn't really sound low to me either.

    And you can't just say play the pentatonic scale. There are many different styles and types of pentatonics, not just one.

    I wasn't really looking for any help.

    I'm not a pro but I've been playing for longer than two months.
  6. The title to the video is relevant. :smoking:
  7. These forums are just filled with so many little rays of sunshine.
  8. Fuck yeah open string hammer ons.

  9. lolz.

    Shred is not my thing anymore. I used to be big into it and played Petrucci type leads all the time, but eventually grew tired of it. Now I'm more into David Gilmour type stuff. Shredding is just egotistical to me. Playing as fast as you can does not make good music IMO.
  10. I think people that don't like shred because it's "playing as fast as possible" are egotistical because good music is obviously about expression and I happen to be playing a musical instrument and not an "as fast as possible" machine.

    I've found that people don't understand the concept of playing music for personal enjoyment.

    I'm sorry I didn't play an Eric Clapton song or the Stairway to Heaven solo or whatever.

    Maybe next time I'll take a poll to find out what everyone would enjoy watching me play...

    Also, I really wouldn't label what I was playing as "shred." I wouldn't label it at all because it's a minute long youtube video of me playing some tipsy shit. I really hope that some people can see that this is not the only thing I know how to play.

    I honestly thought I might run into some people that play guitar or other instruments and not get criticized for what I chose to play.

    Guess not. :)
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    hey man, ive been playing for 7 years and i can tell you have some skills, i understand the woes of recording with shitty webcams/phone cams lol , never sounds half as good as it does in person, and your only option really is to play on a clean channel. also its obvious you were noodling, you can never really judge someone's abilities just off a noodling video.

    i find it's hard to have a guitar playing video that people who arent guitarists will watch and be impressed outside of high distortion + shredding or a well known song/lick

    also, hell yeah for using modes and not just the pentatonic scale, too many guitarists these days just want to play the pentatonic scale over and over because its easy to play fast pentatonic licks and it really gets boring.

    i remember at my hs talent show this guy sucked at guitar, no musical ability whatsoever, but he did this really easy pentatonic tapping lick over and over tthat sounded impressive to people who dont know anything about guitar, then he played the back in black riff lol and everyone went crazy "OMG HE IS PLAYING SOO FAST BRO", i facepalmed so hard lol
  12. Omfg someone gets it! Thank the Incredible Hulk.

    +rep for you, Sir!

    It's always funny to see someone play Thunderstruck or the first four chords of some bullshit AFI song off the radio and then get to watch everyone around that's never touched an instrument go ape shit.

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